Five Simple Policies To Reset America's "Rigged" Health System  

Five Simple Policies To Reset America’s “Rigged” Health System  

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Five Simple Policies To Reset America’s “Rigged” Health System  

Calley Means, a one-time consultant for big food and pharmaceutical companies in the Washington, DC, swap and now the founder of TrueMed, a company that enables tax-free spending on food and exercise, has outlined on X five simple policies the federal government can implement to correct the “rigged system” that has contributed to the nation’s obesity crisis. 

Means first compares childhood obesity rates in the US, over 20%, with those in Japan, which are only 4%. He said 50% of US teens are overweight or obese. As we’ve noted before, this is a national security threat, given morbidly obese men aged 18-25 are no good for the modern battlefield if World War III breaks out in Eastern Europe and or the Middle East. 

Even more shocking is that the federal government nor politicians on Capitol Hill offer any simple lifestyle changes that could begin to correct this crisis. Instead, the solution is to bankrupt America’s Medicare program through Big Pharma’s blockbuster weight loss drugs, such as Novo Nordisk’s Ozempic.

Means calls the health system “rigged” and offers five simple policies that are getting attention from America’s billionaires:

1. Ban TV Pharma Ads

  • The US and New Zealand are the only countries in the world that allow pharma ads.

  • Pharma money is 55% of TV news spending. The reason pharma spends is not to influence consumers – it is to influence the news itself.

  • The President can instruct the FDA Office of Prescription Drug Promotion to ban pharma ads tomorrow.

2. No soda on SNAP (food stamps)

  • It is criminal that 10% of all SNAP funding goes to sugary drinks – which are leading to one-third of teens to have pre-diabetes.

  • Using existing drug policy, the President can issue an executive order tomorrow that government money should not subsidize an addictive, toxic substance for kids.

3. Fire the Corrupt USDA Nutrition Panel

  • 95% of the USDA panel that makes nutrition policy is paid for by food companies.

  • This panel recommends 10% of a 2-year-old’s diet can be added sugar.

  • The President can fire this panel tomorrow and insist on unbiased guidelines.

4. No conflicts of interest among NIH researchers

  • This sounds like a no-brainer, but it is a radical suggestion.

  • Currently, there are no conflict-of-interest bans at the NIH and 8,000 researchers have “major” conflicts. 

  • This Is why 40x more money is spent on ways to “manage” cancer than to prevent it — prevention doesn’t make money for pharma.

  • This can be changed tomorrow.

5. Reform Insane Ag Subsidies

  • Today, the federal government subsidizes tobacco more than vegetables.

  • 90% of agriculture subsidies go the components of ultra-processed food (corn, soy, wheat) – distorting incentives for farmers

  • These subsidies are Implemented by the Ag Department.

Bill Ackman and Elon Musk took notice of the proposed policies… 

Means added, “Japan has a 5x lower childhood obesity rate BECAUSE they address the root cause.” 

In a separate post in March, Means wrote, “If our kids are being poisoned by our food, the solution is not to let that happen + inject them w government-funded Ozempic for life.” 


More than ever, Americans must break free of the food-industrial complex and big pharma or risk early death. 

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