Let Them Destroy Each Other

Let Them Destroy Each Other

by Kurt Schlichter, Townhall:

Contrary to popular conservative opinion, I don’t want this college chaos to end anytime soon. I want it to increase and metastasize and continue right up until these entitled, ugly, mutated communist jerks totally alienate every normal American. It’s already happening. The frat boys have turned. The normals are turning. At one of these colleges, you had the theater major graduation ceremony invaded by Palesimpians and the parents began chanting, “USA! USA!” Will this and the administrations’ feeble response help flush these institutions’ bloated reputations down the crapper? Yes, please! So, keep it up, communist dipwads. I’m loving this.

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This is definitely one of those “Can you both lose?” situations. We have left-wing faculty and administrators at the keffiyeh-clad throats of communist students on blue campuses in mostly blue cities in blue states, and all I can say is I hope they both lose. They are certainly losing the respect of normal people. There was a time when these colleges were prestigious organizations whose diplomas meant something. They mean something now, too – a warning: “Caution – The bearer is a whiny snowflake with delusions of competence.”

I’m biased since I want to destroy so-called elite academia as currently constituted. It has become a narrow gate within our culture that the left’s gatekeepers are using by curating admissions to create the ruling class of the future. DEI is part of the agenda. “Diversity” means “People we think will make good communist cadre.” If you’re a straight white guy who identifies as a guy, you’re not getting into one of these colleges. You’re just not. A straight white dude has about as much chance as a straight Asian dude, which is to say, “Not much.” That’s not who the left wants as the ruling class of the future – too left-averse as a whole. And they have succeeded in managing campus demography. Look at the protesters. It’s a diverse collection of SSRI-ridden neurotic females and goofy femboys.

The colleges have stopped working for the majority of Americans. We’re not invited. And people are realizing that. The people excluded from elite academia are realizing that and they will stop respecting and supporting it. What do we care about Harvard and Yale? Our kids will never get in. The Ivies are going to find that they are running out of friends on the right side of the aisle, and it’s about time.

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