Tucker Carlson Interviews Catherine Englebrecht About Illegal Alien Voting

Tucker Carlson Interviews Catherine Englebrecht About Illegal Alien Voting

from The Conservative Treehouse:

Catherine Englebrecht from True The Vote (TTV) has been working diligently in the sphere of trying to clean up voter registration rolls and ensure voter integrity for decades now.  Englebrecht has faced constant targeting from agencies of the federal government and politicians who benefit from voter fraud, ballot fraud and illegal voting overall.

In this interview with Tucker Carlson, Catherine Englebrecht explains the federal loophole that assists in permitting illegal alien votes. If the illegal alien believes they are lawfully permitted to vote, they are not prosecuted.  WATCH:

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As with everything else, the key to understanding how illegal aliens vote is to understand the process created by democrats.  The main goal in the modern era is to generate ballots. In order to generate ballots, the secretaries of state need a name and identifier for the ballot creation.  Registering their existence is where illegal alien voting starts.

Getting state IDs or a Driver’s License, links the identity to the Secretary of State office.  That identity then creates a potential ballot.

The ballot is the vehicle for the unlawful vote.  The illegal alien doesn’t even need to complete the ballot, they only need to exist to generate one.  Once the ballot is created, it can be filled out by anyone.

Ballot harvesters are those who collect the ballots and then fill them out.  Organizations like Black Lives Matter and various leftist political activist groups are the ballot harvesters.  The harvesters are paid by organizations funded by large donors and leftist corporations.

The harvesters then turn the completed ballots over to the polling counters/workers.  The polling counters/workers come from the African Methodist Episcopal church, the AME church network.   Election and polling location work is the primary work of the AME church system.  The members of the AME church then destroy ballots that are completed by people against their interests, while simultaneously scanning the fraudulent ballots multiple times.

This is how the fraudulent ballot system works to overwhelm the accurate voting system.

It is not a complicated system; we are just not allowed to talk about it and we are supposed to pretend it is not happening.

Catherine Englebrecht has been exposing this system for decades.  However, in the era of Trump but both wings of the political uniparty apparatus have gone too far with the fraud to stop now.

The popularity of President Trump forced the central ballot fraud operators to generate such a massive amount of fraudulent ballots that a BIG LIE cover -with major assistance from media- was needed to cover for it.   Decades of intentionally built legal plausible deniability also stops the truth of the scale of fraud from surfacing.

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