Hundreds of Chinese Illegals Are Entering The U.S. EVERY SINGLE DAY

Hundreds of Chinese Illegals Are Entering The U.S. EVERY SINGLE DAY

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from The National Pulse:


Customs and Border Protection says — unofficially — that 175,000 “gotaways” have entered the U.S. and evaded detainment by agents since the start of the fiscal year in October. On average, nearly 1,000 illegal immigrants are coming into the country per day. A concerning portion of the illegal immigrants who’ve managed to evade border patrol may be of Chinese origin.

According to the official “encounter” numbers from the border patrol, agents have picked up at least 1,200 illegal Chinese immigrants in the first eight days of May. This comes out to roughly 150 Chinese nationals trying to enter the U.S. per day. The number, however, only included those actually detained by Customs and Border Patrol and not those merely observed entering the county. This means the number of illegal Chinese immigrants entering the U.S. is likely much higher.


Predominantly entering through the San Diego SectorChinese nationals have comprised an increasing share of illegal immigrants attempting to enter the U.S. across the country’s southern border with Mexico. Some government officials, including several members of Congress, worry the Chinese nationals are primarily smuggling drugs — especially fentanyl, which has been responsible for an ongoing drug overdose crisis.

House Republicans have repeatedly warned that the Chinese Communist government “wants the chaos and devastation” brought by fentanyl to continue to spread across the U.S. Additionally, some lawmakers contend illegal Chinese immigrants are being encouraged by the Chinese state to enter the U.S. to facilitate the spread of illicit and dangerous drugs.

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