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To the north, the cultural rot sometimes called “liberalism” is producing tyranny so extreme that if the Online Harms Act becomes law, Canadians will soon be imprisoned for “hate speech” committed in the distant past or even future. Despite its heritage of liberty, the USA is not far behind.

Already, complaining that our elections are degenerating into banana republic farces can get you thrown off the airwaves:


Rudy Giuliani’s conservative talk radio show has been pulled off air after the former New York City mayor and former Trump lawyer repeatedly questioned the results of the 2020 presidential election.

John Catsimatidis, the billionaire owner of WABC, abruptly nixed the show and suspended Giuliani from the station over the statements.

Stuffing a sock in the mouth of anyone who raises questions is not the best way to restore public faith in election integrity. But the liberal establishment is moving beyond caring what the public thinks.

Catsimatidis does not directly represent the government. Ours is still a decentralized tyranny for now — although already it is largely imposed by federal agents:

The U.S. Secret Service investigated a Maine resident after he joked about wanting to “invade” the White House to get a picture of President Joe Biden wearing an adult diaper.

The incident occurred in July 2022, when the Secret Service became interested in an unidentified resident of coastal Maine after his posts on X.

In one of them, the man suggested that he sought to “invade the White House and get pics of Biden in his ‘Depends.’”

For now, federal investigations over jokes serve mainly to intimidate people into pretending to respect their rulers. But authoritarianism naturally expands into vacuums of the type created by our cultural decline. Absent pushback, people poking fun at Biden on X will soon find themselves in an American Lubyanka. This could be why the Biden Regime is spending $billions of our money on a new FBI headquarters twice the size of the Pentagon.

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