An Antifa-linked journalist doxed a famous anon and thanks to Bannon, it backfired epically…

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It’s truly baffling why the media shows little curiosity about the origins of COVID or details concerning Joe Biden showering with his daughter. Instead, they dedicate endless hours and vast resources to hunting down and doxxing anonymous right-wing accounts. It seems they’ve found their new career path. Forget real news—our media is all about “Twitter wars.” We now have “journalists” who compare Twitter anons online to the Unabomber.


Again, politics, viruses, and corrupt intelligence communities be damned. Our media is hellbent on exposing anonymous Twitter accounts, and Lomez was the latest target. As it turns out, that popular account was run by a University of California, Irvine (UCI) lecturer named Jonathan Keeperman.

The Guardian:

A Guardian investigation has identified former University of California, Irvine (UCI) lecturer Jonathan Keeperman as the man behind the prominent “new right” publishing house Passage Press and the influential Twitter persona L0m3z.

The identification is based on company and property records, source interviews and open-source online materials.

The reporting has revealed that Keeperman’s current status as a key player and influential tastemaker in a burgeoning proto-fascist movement came after years of involvement in far-right internet forums.

Much of that journey coincided with his time at one of the country’s most well-regarded writing programs: Keeperman first came to UCI as a master of fine arts (MFA) student, and was also a lecturer in the English department from 2013 to 2022, according to public records.

The emergence of Passage Press and other such publishers has been a key part of the development of a swathe of the current American far right, which is seeking to capture US institutions – or develop far-right equivalents – as part of a political and cultural war against what it sees as the dominance of a liberal “regime” in America.

In a June 2023 podcast interview, Keeperman characterized Passage Press and its literary prize as part of this effort to “build out alternative infrastructure, alternative institutions”.

The good news is that Lomez appeared on WarRoom with Steve Bannon and turned the entire dox disaster into a triumphant victory. First off, he’s handsome, which probably explains why the left opted to leave out his photo. More importantly, Bannon gave Lomez a platform to expose exactly how these activist journalists target and go after voices they can’t control.

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