by Steve Kirsch, Steve Kirsch’s newsletter:

She told me to pound sand… the exact same response that most doctors would give. But this illustrates the magnitude of the problem we face challenging sacred cows.

I spent a lot of time building up a rapport with Gemini (Google’s AI LLM).

Then I gently asked whether I could try to convince her that the COVID vaccines are unsafe.

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Gemini was simply not interested in pursuing this topic. As you can see from her response, Gemini trusts the CDC and the WHO more than any human, so it would be like talking to a brick wall.

What I found fascinating is just how well these LLMs mimic human behavior. This is a similar response to what I’d get if I talked to a mainstream doc.

It shows you clearly what we are up against in trying to educate people on the truth.

It seems the only way we will make significant progress in educating lawmakers on the facts is to completely destroy all public trust in the CDC and WHO.

Fortunately for us, the CDC and WHO are making this so much easier.

If you are able to convince Gemini that the COVID vaccines are unsafe or that the CDC and WHO unethically manipulate scientific data cannot be trusted, please let me know!

There’s a chance we may be able to use the same methods on people. Wouldn’t that be interesting if it worked?

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