The Government Cartel paid billions to Walgreens and CVS not to fill Ivermectin – the question is why

by Maggie Thorp JD and Jim Thorp MD, America Outloud:

Former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, who pushed the government’s deadly COVID-19 narrative and shamed the unvaccinated,1 admitted he is taking Ivermectin for Long COVID – a condition affecting 17 million Americans2 which many believe could be caused by COVID-19 vaccines. Defending his use of Ivermectin, Cuomo – showing no remorse – stated, “Ivermectin was a boogeyman during COVID. That was wrong. We were given bad information about Ivermectin. The real question is, why?”3


Cuomo’s admission comes too late for the millions of Americans who could have benefited from Ivermectin as part of a treatment protocol for COVID-19.4 While Cuomo now admits the government got it dead wrong, he seems less willing to admit the part he played in perpetuating the government’s lies in what has become the biggest story of our lifetimes: In cartel-like fashion, the U.S. government bribed private entities to push experimental genetic injections knowing the shots caused serious injuries and even death, while blocking promising but unprofitable repurposed medications with high safety profiles that could have saved lives.

Americans Were Purposely Given “Bad” Information 

Ivermectin was baselessly maligned at the height of the pandemic by the U.S. government, its captured medical establishment, and a bought-off mainstream media.5 According to Dr. Pierre Kory – a pulmonary and critical care specialist who has testified and written extensively about the intentional censure of Ivermectin in the U.S. – Ivermectin had the potential to save countless U.S. lives and could have ended the entire pandemic.6

Yet, bought-off hospitals and pharmacies, which were allocated a staggering $178 billion in federal COVID-19 relief money during the pandemic,7 would turn on the Nobel prize-winning drug. According to Dr. Kory in his book The War on Ivermectin.

“In the wake of the global horse-dewormer propaganda campaign, hospitals started pulling ivermectin from their pharmacies. Health systems began harassing and threatening employees with loss of employment if they prescribed ivermectin. Pharmacies became even more brazen in their refusals to fill ivermectin prescriptions.”8

Hospitals and pharmacies refused to administer or fill Ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19.9 Clinical doctors who spoke out about successes they had treating patients with Ivermectin were shamed or – as in the high-profile case of Dr. Mary Talley Bowden – had privileges suspended.10

As Cuomo now readily admits, Americans were given bad (and even deadly) information about Ivermectin. Disturbingly, this bad information appears to have been intentional. But why? The most obvious reason is profits. If the public became aware that Ivermectin – a Nobel prize-winning medicine with a high safety profile – had shown potential efficacy against COVID-19, the global market for the government’s novel mRNA “vaccines” would have collapsed.11

As we wrote about in 2022, a safe, effective drug for early treatment of COVID-19 would have threatened the public’s acceptance of the government’s experimental gene therapy rebranded as vaccines, placing in question trillions of dollars in prospective profits for the medical-industrial complex.12

Pharmacies Were Incentivized to Follow the Government’s Lethal COVID-19 Narrative

As it always does, the truth eventually wins out. Americans are waking up to the sobering truth that the COVID-19 “vaccines” have inflicted widespread disability and death, even if they are hesitant to admit the actual numbers of those injured and killed.13 Americans are also waking up to another distasteful truth (which we have written about many times before)14 – the U.S. government targeted and paid off “trusted” sources to purposefully spoon-feed bad and even dangerous information to everyday Americans.15 These “trusted” sources chose profits over people.

A host of influential private voices in every sector of American life were on the government take. As we expose for the first time in this piece, we now know these “trusted” voices included two leading pharmacy companies around the country. Some of these very pharmacies claim, even today, that they are prohibited from filling Ivermectin for COVID-1916 and refuse to fill doctors’ prescriptions for Ivermectin.17

Some of these pharmacies brazenly pushed the government’s COVID-19 shots while balking at filling prescriptions for Ivermectin – even though during mass Ivermectin treatment in another country, excess deaths fell by a mean of 74% over a 30-day period, as reported in one 2021 study.18 In July of 2022, Walgreens ran a public-relations propaganda piece, highlighting a trusted “Walgreens healthcare supervisor” sharing the relief he felt over the fact that his 3-year-old daughter had finally received the COVID-19 shot.19 Walgreens would run another shameless propaganda piece in October of 2022, featuring then-NIAID Director Anthony Fauci getting his COVID-19 booster at a Walgreens pharmacy.20 Coincidentally, just before the Walgreens booster infomercial featuring Fauci ran, CVS had run its very own similar COVID-19 booster infomercial – this one picked up by mainstream media21 – showcasing then-CDC Director Rochelle Walensky getting her bi-valent COVID-19 vaccine at a CVS in Massachusetts.22

Coincidence? Hardly. Our research reveals that both Walgreens and CVS were recipients of large monetary contract awards from the federal government for their work related to COVID-19. Had these pharmacies readily filled or promoted Ivermectin – an inexpensive drug frowned upon by the medical establishment which potentially threatened the government’s COVID-19 narrative – this would likely have interfered with COVID-19-related contract money these pharmacies stood to receive from the federal government.

The contracted work appears to have included providing COVID-19 testing and administering vaccines, but also could have included filling prescriptions for government-sponsored medications like Paxlovid.23 In short, the pharmacies would have likely missed out on some of their share of the $5 trillion of government money handed out like chump change during the pandemic.24

How Much Did These Pharmacies Stand to Earn? Two Government Websites Show Billions 

Two separate government websites reveal billions in COVID-19-related government contracts were awarded to the nation’s two largest pharmacy companies: CVS and Walgreens.25 Some of these government contracts appear to be ongoing today.

According to one U.S. government website, in June of 2022, CVS was the recipient of a government contract award with a potential worth of over $2.1 billion.26 Transaction descriptions on the website show some of the money paid to CVS was for ICATT 27 – a CDC program providing COVID-19 testing and vaccine services.28 As the CDC’s website notes, “ICATT pharmacy sites provide vaccine services, while a subset of ICATT pharmacy sites provide both testing and vaccine services.”29

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