A war of values: How the Western woke agenda is pushing nations towards multipolarity

by Lucas Leiroz, Strategic Culture:


The entire Western world seems to have joined a collective madness. The so-called “woke agenda” has become a kind of basic principle for all of humanity. Trans and LGBT agenda, liberal feminism and all kinds of anti-traditional ideology seem to be more important than any other issue for politicians and state officials in the West.

More than that, these agendas are even being militarized. Recently, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg stated that the Atlantic military alliance is willing to fight against homophobia and transphobia. In practice, he is simply advancing an agenda that has long been planned by American and European “woke” strategists, which is to establish conditions for the use of force against conservative and traditional nations.

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Conservative heads of state have become central enemies of the West in recent years. Until some time ago, pragmatism still predominated in international relations, with domestic moral issues being ignored in Western-allied countries. Saudi Arabia, for example, is a country internationally recognized for imposing extremely strict moral and religious rules, and yet it has always been a great ally of the U.S. However, the situation is rapidly changing.

Saudi Arabia itself was one of the first victims of the Biden administration’s woke anger. The democratic leader created a series of tensions with the Gulf monarchy due to not agreeing with the country’s internal traditions and trying to adapt it to the globalist model of liberal democracy. This was even a vital factor for the Saudis to begin a process of broader cooperation with multipolar powers – which resulted in the peace agreement with Iran brokered by China.

Clearly, Western countries want to build a global order of universal woke values. The “rules” of the world order will also include LGBT and trans agenda. The objective is to take liberal ideology to its ultimate consequences in all countries, extinguishing any traditions, religions or moral values. This seems to be the new phase of the eternal liberal utopia.

More than that, at the domestic level, Western countries are progressively worsening their persecution against conservative-minded ordinary people. On the territory of the Russian Federation, there is a constant and growing arrival of American and European refugees who want to leave their homelands simply because they cannot raise their children without the imposition of a brutal woke ideological agenda. The gender dictatorship and LGBT fascism are generating a wave of migration, already having effects similar to those of major wars and catastrophes.

All of this has great geopolitical relevance. When we analyze the BRICS, we see the group as a true coalition of regional powers whose central common characteristic is the existence of a civilizational value. With Orthodox Russia, Confucian China, Hindu India, Shiite Iran, multi-millennial Egypt, and others, the BRICS prove to be a bloc capable of bringing together civilizations, religions and moral values, which will never be subject to the grotesque “innovations” of the West.

The BRICS, by proposing a geopolitical configuration based on pragmatic and depoliticized international relations, without interventionism in the internal affairs of different civilizations, are simply creating a global alternative to the woke world dictatorship. Only by acting together, in coalition, will the people of the world be able to neutralize the constant and aggressive advance of ultra-liberal ideologies in the West.

It is therefore necessary to go a step further: in their next meetings, it is appropriate that the BRICS members establish once and for all the protection of traditional values, to the detriment of woke fascism, as a common political agenda. It is urgently necessary to bring the moral issue to geopolitical status. If NATO is willing to use force against conservatives and traditionalists around the world, then multipolar powers must be united to stop the spread of Western aggression.

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