Argentina Libertarian Boom Taking Off with Doug Casey

by Kerry Lutz, Financial Survival Network:

Kerry and Doug Casey discussed a range of topics, including the revolution in Argentina, the real estate market in Argentina and Uruguay, the US political environment, the surging prices of gold and silver, and investment opportunities. They explored the election of an anarcho-capitalist president in Argentina and the country’s global significance, as well as the potential impact of a ruling cabal. Doug Casey shared his personal experience of purchasing a large penthouse in Buenos Aires at a fraction of the cost compared to a similar property in New York, and suggested Uruguay as an attractive option for individuals seeking waterfront properties at a more affordable price compared to the US market. The discussion also delved into the US political environment, with Kerry and Doug exploring Trump’s potential approach to the presidency, the deep divide between Republicans and Democrats, and the potential for election manipulation.


They expressed concerns about the impact of this polarization and predicted the Democrats’ victory in the upcoming election. Additionally, they discussed the surging prices of gold and silver, with Doug expressing his strong belief in the continued upward trajectory of gold prices, citing the current global economic situation and substantial money creation as key factors. Finally, they highlighted the potential for growth in energy and mining stocks, particularly given their small market caps and historical underrepresentation in the market.

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