The Murder of a Civilization

by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:


A month ago I wrote about the Shieldmaiden, Eva Vlaardingerbroek, a young female Dutch lawyer, who has undertaken the task of encouraging white Europeans to take a stand against the replacement of countries consisting of ethnic nationalities, such as Germans, English, French, Italians, Dutch, Spanish, Hungarians, with towers of babel. In our world today, as in George Orwell’s novel 1984, words are turned upside down and have the opposite of their meaning. Diversity now means “sameness” with no country’s population corresponding to the ethnicity of its name. Destroying the diversity afforded by white ethnic nations is the goal of the EU tyrants and “President” Biden who recently stated, as Tucker Carlson reported, that getting rid of white America was a good thing.


I predicted that the young white woman’s own Dutch government will close her down in some horrific way for “racist” agitation for the continuing existence of an ethnically Dutch nation. It is OK for the Dutch to defend themselves against Russia but not against immigrant-invaders.

It is certain to happen as the Dutch government has already moved against another young blond female Dutch lawyer, Raisa Blommestijn.

Raisa is being prosecuted for “racism” and “inciting hatred” for commenting on a video posted on social media showing a gang of immigrant-invaders brutally beating a young white boy: “How many defenseless white people remain to become victims? Countless probably: the open borders elite is importing these people in droves, with all the consequences that entails.”

Raisa complains that Dutch citizens are being “persecuted for their political opinions,” but what is actually happening is worse. Raisa is being prosecuted for calling public attention to a fact. Raisa was supposed to ignore the fact, because the fact reflects poorly on the open borders policy, and anything that reflects poorly on open borders is racist. In other words, we must deny reality or be prosecuted.

Criminalizing the recognition of reality is being achieved throughout Europe and the UK. A member of the German Parliament, Marie-Therese Kaiser, was convicted and fined by a German court for asking a question prompted by the governments own statistics that show that Afghan and African immigrant-invaders in Germany commit 40 and 70 times more gang rapes than ethnic Germans.

The utterly moronic Judge proclaimed: “Freedom of expression ends where human dignity begins.”

In other words, the German judge reasons that it is the dignity of the immigrant-invader rapists that matters, not that of the raped ethnic European women.

The German government, which most certainly does not represent ethnic Germans, is countering Eva Vlaardingerbroek, Raisa Blommestijn, and Marie-Therese Kaiser with a plan to “protect democracy” by seizing the bank assets of German citizens who donate money in support of politicians who think Europe is for ethnic Europeans.

So what we have is anti-white, brainwashed, indoctrinated European governments organizing the replacement of European ethnicities in their own ethnic countries and the transformation of the countries into towers of babel.

In the United States the destruction of white people is proceeding along a slightly different line. Over the decades the American ruling elites, which excludes “the people,” have solidified their control by establishing groups of intellectuals, media, celebrities, and government officials in organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Aspen Institute, the World Economic Forum, and there are many others, that have laid down the correct line, departure from which is minimal if a person intends to remain in the “formulation of public opinion.” Dissenters from official narratives are simply excluded from recognition.

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