Internet Archive is under DDoS attack

The Internet Archive, a vital digital repository for millions of historical documents and websites, is currently grappling with a significant distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack. Reports indicate that the DDoS attack began earlier today, severely impacting the site’s accessibility and functionality.

The Internet Archive team said to have made ‘some adjustments‘ and is actively working to mitigate the disruption. Despite their efforts, users have experienced intermittent access issues, leading to frustration among researchers, historians, and the general public who rely on the site for various purposes.

“Sorry to say, is under a ddos attack. The data is not affected, but most services are unavailable. We are working on it..”

Image: X (Twitter)

This Internet Archive DDoS attack floods the servers with excessive traffic, overwhelming the system and causing service interruptions. The motivations behind the attack are currently unclear, but similar incidents have often been linked to attempts to extort money or disrupt access to information​.

As the Internet Archive team continues to work on restoring full functionality, they have assured users that they are taking all necessary measures to strengthen their defenses against such attacks in the future. Updates on the situation are being provided through their official blog and social media channels​.

The Internet Archive DDoS attack highlights the vulnerability of digital libraries and the importance of robust cybersecurity measures to protect invaluable digital resources.