Next 6 Months Completely Insane – Bill Holter

by Greg Hunter, USA Watchdog:


Back in August of 2023, precious metals expert and financial writer Bill Holter predicted there was a long list of financial trouble coming to America. A short list of problems is the commercial real estate implosion, CV19 vax injuries and deaths, deposits leaving the banking system and war all coming to a head between now and the 2024 Election. Holter starts with the CV19 bioweapon vax, “It turns out it was a kill shot. I guess you can say it adds to the timeline where they have to kick the table over because . . . they are going to have to hide that.  That has to become back burner. Once you get a majority that is awake to that, you are going to have people pissed off all over the world. This is an election year, and I think the next six months are going to be completely insane. The deaths are increasing, and the knowledge that the (CV19) vaccine is the cause is spreading. They are going to have to bring something up to put that on the back burner, and that is probably WWIII.”


Holter goes on to add, “We have an election coming up, and I still believe there is less than a 40% chance that we even have an election. From a financial standpoint, you have commercial real estate that is imploding. You have bank deposits that have fled the banking system. You have the financial system really on the rocks. . . . Somebody had better start cutting rates because just in the past six months, China’s debt growth has turned negative, and so has their money supply. That is a recipe for complete disaster in an over-leveraged system. It’s not just China, it’s the whole world. The whole system is over-levered. Somebody had better cut rates to inflate; otherwise, Richard Russell’s ‘Inflate or Die’ comes into play.”

It seems the Fed is freaking out over interest rates. The Fed is not talking about cutting, it’s talking about raising rates in its last meeting. What’s going on with the Fed? Holter says, “They are fearful of a fiat collapse. They will more than likely cut rates, and then $15 a gallon gasoline and $25 for a cup of coffee is going to become a reality. In the intermediate to long term, interest rates are going to explode. . . . Interest rates need to be much higher to support fiat currency.”

Holter also predicts that gold and silver have already broken out to the upside and will be going much higher in price. Holter is especially bullish on silver after it broke through $30 an ounce, which it has not done for a decade. Holter says, “I think silver is more important than gold because silver is the fuse for gold. Silver is a tiny market compared to gold. The gold market is 10 times bigger. . . .They are losing control of silver . . . . If they want to keep gold under control, they better keep silver under control. The Achillies heel to all fiat currencies is gold. Again, if they want to keep gold under control they damn well better keep silver under control because silver is the fuse to the gold market.”

Holter thinks both gold and silver are going much higher in 2024 and beyond, and this is the breakout year for both.

There is much more in the 44-minute interview.

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