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Children in the womb who are exposed to fluoride via their mothers tend to be born with mental illnesses and cognitive issues, according to new research out of the University of Southern California.

The higher the exposure to fluoride, the more likely a child is to “experience temper tantrums, headaches, stomachaches, anxiety, and symptoms linked to autism,” the researchers declared. reports: Senior study author Tracy Bastain issued the usual duplicitous disclaimer that “exposure to fluoride during pregnancy does not mean that a children will experience greater neurobehavioral problems,” even though this is exactly what her paper demonstrated.


We found an association between higher prenatal exposure and more neurobehavioral problems at age three but more studies are needed to establish a causal link,” she said, offering the typical more research needed excuse.

Make sure your drinking water is clean

For their study, Bastain and her colleagues pulled data from USC’s MADRES Center for Environmental Health Disparities, which follows predominantly Hispanic families living in the Los Angeles area from pregnancy through childhood.

To calculate fluoride exposure, the team collected urine samples from 229 pregnant moms during their third trimester. Children whose mothers had higher levels of fluoride were determined to be 83 percent more likely to show “internalizing” behavioral problems.

It should be noted that the study did not identify why some pregnant women had higher fluoride levels than others, but we know that fluoride exposure typically comes from artificially fluoridated drinking water, contaminated juices, and dental products like mouthwash and toothpaste.

Lead investigator Ashley Malin, an assistant professor in epidemiology at the University of Florida College of Public Health, confirmed that the findings point to a relationship between fluoride exposure and brain damage in developing babies still in the womb.

“There is no known benefit of fluoride consumption to the developing fetus, but we do know that there is possibly a risk to their developing brain,” Malin confirmed.

“We found that each 0.68 milligram per liter increase in fluoride levels in the pregnant women’s urine was associated with nearly double the odds of children scoring in the clinical or borderline clinical range for neurobehavioral problems at age three, based on their mother’s reporting.”

The fact that fluoride is still being added to water supplies across the United States is appalling, especially considering that this is just one of many studies in recent years to confirm that fluoride provides no health benefits while causing plenty of harm.

“Conducting a nationwide U.S. study on this topic would be important, but I think the findings of the current study and recent studies from Canada and Mexico suggest that there is a real concern here,” Malin added.

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