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SOTN Editor’s Note: There seems to be a gross misunderstanding of the definition of “genocide” as seen in comment sections across the Alt Media.

First of all, much of the hard scientific data has conclusively proven that the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ were specifically formulated as killshots, clotshots, cancershots, etc.  And, that the U.S. citizenry was just one of the targets of this extermination program.  The other predictably targeted nations are identified in the following exposé:


The critical point here is that to be correctly defined as a genocide does not mean that millions of people need to drop dead in a day and a night.

In other words, a slow-motion genocide, by way of an extremely dangerous and deadly ‘vaccine’ bioweapon, is every bit as much of a genocide as the brutal mass murder of tens of thousands of innocent Palestinian civilians in Gaza by the Israeli war machine.

Not only that, but this long planned and highly organized Covid vax depopulation scheme has several killing components, some of which are discussed in the link below:

It’s also crucial for the Patriot Movement to comprehend the real target of this meticulously calculated genocide throughout the USA. For only when folks in flyover country grasp the true enormity and gravity of this silent slaughter will they feel empowered to rise up against the responsible genocidal maniacs.

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