iOS 18 release date, features and rumors

Get ready for a tech treat with iOS 18. This update is all about making your iPhone experience cooler and more fun. We’re talking about amazing changes to how your phone looks, smart new things it can do, and making your favorite apps even better.

Let’s take a closer look at when iOS 18 is expected, what features are on the horizon, and what the tech community is speculating.

iOS 18 release date

Apple will host the Worldwide Developers’ Conference 2024, or WWDC 2024, from June 10 to 14. They’ve laid out a schedule for the five-day event, especially for all the Apple developers around the world. People think Apple might spill the beans on some new updates for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, visionOS, and watchOS during this event.

Where to watch: livestream details

You can catch all the action from the event live on the Apple website, Apple Developer app, the Apple TV app, and their official YouTube channel at 10:30 pm IST. During the event, Apple plans to run more than 100 technical sessions led by their own engineers, designers, and other experts. 

iOS 18 features

While the latest report doesn’t provide specific details, Gurman has previously shared that Apple is working on a revamped version of Siri, utilizing a new AI system. The upcoming improvements are anticipated to enhance the auto-completion of sentences and handling of questions in both Siri and the Messages app.

Design upgrades

The upcoming iOS 18 update is likely to introduce some design tweaks. Mark Gurman from Bloomberg hints that Apple is aiming to freshen up the operating system’s look “possibly within this year.”

Icon colors

In iOS 18, Apple is anticipated to allow users to alter the colors of app icons. This means you won’t be stuck with the colors developers choose. For instance, you could change all your social icons to blue or make all message-related icons green.

ios 18 home screen
Source: Macrumors

Personalized home screen

iOS 18 is predicted to have a Home Screen that you can personalize more. Apple wants to let people have more say in organizing their app icons. While the icons will still stick to a grid to keep things tidy, the update might let you add blank spaces or arrange them in rows and columns.

Vision Pro glasses

The Vision Pro glasses’ VisionOS is making waves with its fresh interface, especially the circular home screen icons. Rumors from The Verifier suggest that Apple might integrate Vision Pro elements into the upcoming iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 updates.

Apple’s AI efforts

Apple is gearing up to introduce some cool AI features in the upcoming iOS 18. These features will work both on your device and through Apple’s servers. Additionally, they’re teaming up with OpenAI and possibly Google to power cloud-based generative AI functions. This could include creating images, writing essays based on prompts, and summarizing data.

OpenAI turning to designer Jony Ive for 'AI iPhone': report
Source: Pixabay

Here’s a peek at some of the expected AI features:

  • Photo touch-ups right in the Photos app.
  • Automatically generated playlists in Apple Music.
  • Transcription for voice memos.
  • Quick replies for emails and messages.
  • Emoji suggestions based on your messages, with Apple even creating brand-new emojis for every occasion.
  • Smart recaps of missed notifications, messages, web pages, news articles, documents, and notes.

A smarter Siri for iOS 18

According to The Information, Apple is planning to enhance Siri by incorporating large language models, allowing users to automate complex tasks. This upgrade will involve a deeper integration with the Shortcuts app. The anticipated release for this feature is in a 2024 iPhone software update, likely to be part of iOS 18.

New emojis

In each iOS cycle, Apple consistently introduces new emojis. Although these emojis might not be part of the initial major update, Apple typically reveals them within the life cycle of the latest operating system, often around version x.4.

Better search capabilities in Safari

In iOS 18, Safari’s getting a big update with a fresh look and new features to amp up your browsing. One cool addition is “Intelligent Search,” which uses on-device AI to summarize key topics from webpages. You’ll also get the “Web Eraser” tool, allowing you to remove unwanted webpage sections for good. And there’s a revamped quick-access menu right from the address bar, blending page tools with functions from the Share Sheet, for smoother Safari navigation.

Live voicemail

One of the headline features of iOS 17 was Live Voicemail. Yet this is only actually available in the US and Canada. And this makes iOS 17 and by extension the iPhone 15 essentially worse outside the US and Canada.

RCS Support

iPhones will get RCS support sometime in 2024 for better texting with Android users. RCS, or Rich Communication Services, is the newer version of SMS and MMS. It brings iMessage-like features to texts exchanged between iPhone and Android users.

Sideloading support in iOS 18

Before the launch of iOS 17, there were rumors that Apple might introduce sideloading in Europe, following regulations set by the European Union. However, this hasn’t happened yet, leaving the possibility open for Apple to make this change in iOS 18.

ios 18 display options
Credits: Digital Trends

iOS 18 rumors

The updates collectively suggest a significant enhancement to Apple’s voice assistant and messaging capabilities, along with innovations in the music streaming experience.

ios 18 logo

Custom routes in Apple Maps

ios 18 map routes changes
Source: Macrumors

Apple has a habit of taking features from other companies, sometimes adding its own touch. A file called “CustomRouteCreation” was discovered by MacRumors in the Maps system linked to the upcoming iOS 18.

Digital Payments

There might also be an improved Wallet app, with a focus on simplifying transactions involving Apple Cash cards. The goal would be to promote greater user convenience in digital payments.

Photo App and Customization

There’s a buzz about iOS 18 potentially enhancing the Photo app with memory features and revamped editing tools. It could also be introducing more customization options for the home screen and other applications.

Credits: MacRumors

Hearing Aid Mode for AirPods Pro 2

While there were rumors that this feature would only come with the next-generation AirPods Pro, Apple now plans to add it through a software update.

Notes App

In iOS 18, the Notes app is expected to include a new feature that lets you record voice memos directly within the app. You can also embed these recordings into your notes.

Calendar and Reminders

The Calendar app in iOS 18 is anticipated to feature integration with Reminders, allowing you to view and interact with reminders within the Calendar app.

Credits: Apple Insider

Calculator App

With iPadOS 18, Apple is set to introduce a built-in Calculator app for the iPad. This Calculator app will be “universal.”

Music App Updates

There could also be an updated Music app that displays song lyrics and enhances playlist functionality. The new update could also enhance the Podcast app, likely improving the overall podcast listening experience for users.

Credits: Apple


The Freeform app is set to introduce a “Scenes” feature, allowing users to define specific sections or Scenes within their boards for easier navigation. This will be managed through a new Scenes UI, which will let users switch between saved scenes quickly.

Performance and Security

We can expect iOS 18 to be faster, more secure, and user-friendly. Apple is keeping its promise of supporting a wide range of devices with iOS 18. As we await the arrival of iOS 18, iPhone users can start getting excited about the new features coming their way.

Insider Paper updated the article with the latest information on May 31, 2024.