The Upcoming Election in Venezuela Could Plunge the Country Back into Total Chaos

by Daniela Gonzalez, The Organic Prepper:

I have experienced enough things living in this country to smell when something is coming up on the horizon. And the incoming sequence of events is not going to be pretty. Trouble is brewing in my country. The coming months might be messy, like a nation giving birth, but maybe, just maybe, it’ll lead to progress.


We haven’t had a real fight in 200 years, just a few squabbles. That’s made everyone in South America squeamish about conflict. But here’s the thing: I’m convinced a major one is coming. The blatant lack of interest for the citizens is increasing every day.

Why? Because no matter the election outcome, it’s going to be bad. We’re stuck between two awful choices:

  • Massive Fraud: Imagine riots erupting after a stolen election. Corrupt officials unleash convicts with promises of freedom to crack down on protestors. Meanwhile, Colombian rebels already hiding in our country get even bolder with military backing…the same military that once was instructed to combat them and is now being ordered not to touch them! It’s not a pretty picture. Nico doesn´t trust even in his own armed forces!
  • Bloody Conflict: A fight with Guyana could lead to a state of emergency, stripping away our rights. The repression could be brutal, taking decades to investigate and punish those responsible.

The craziest part? Both sides are already at war, but not with each other. They’re battling the people! Civilians are sick and tired of the iron fist of the military. Their roadblocks are shakedowns, not security checks. Not all soldiers do it, but the ones who do tarnish the reputation of the rest.

This is a tense situation, but maybe, just maybe, the pressure will force change.

Fragile Neighbors, Brutal Reality

My apartment building is full of kindhearted seniors. Many receive money from their children abroad so they can afford necessities. But with age comes limitations, and they often need a helping hand with chores, like bringing home their groceries or carrying upstairs a 4-gallon bottle of water or a gas bottle.

Here’s the dark side of this situation: with a basic understanding of how criminals think, it’s easy to predict trouble. The Maduro regime’s crimes are anything but subtle. There are mountains of footage showing National Guard units acting with brutality – shootings, beatings – leaving victims with lasting injuries, all of them under a chain of command that allowed this.

Believing these criminals will peacefully surrender power after unleashing armed convicts (bribed with fake IDs) is naive. This is a full-blown criminal organization with documented ties to rogue countries like Turkey and Russia. China seems to be washing its hands of Venezuela’s blatantly corrupt “leadership,” focusing on their own issues.

Trapped in the Urban Jungle: Prepping for the Red Blitzkrieg

Stuck in my tiny apartment, I’m surrounded by the city’s pulse. Barrios thrum with life just outside, but escaping during the Red Blitzkrieg? Forget it. My only hope is this beat-up car I’ve kept running on pure grit. It’s got good spare parts, even a couple of tire patches for emergencies. The missing piece? Gas. You can’t exactly dash out for a refill when the storm hits, so begging for a few liters becomes the new gold standard. I do have an empty gas can, but keeping it in this sweltering oven (35°C/95°F year-round, yikes!) inside a closed car is a recipe for disaster.

Now, let’s get down to brass tacks. We need to strategize for this mess. Imagine a war erupting between factions within the military, a turf battle fueled by greed. These guys have been given the keys to the kingdom – a monopoly on violence under the guise of uniforms and badges. They’re led by a ruthless gang, paid off in gold, cash, and even crypto (Find here the results of the investigation related to the Cryptocurrency scandal with Almeida and Ramirez.) They control untouchable companies, a playground for dirty money. Sanctions make things even juicier – the stolen loot can’t leave the country without getting frozen. Money laundering became their “economic recovery” plan.

This massive gang, with tentacles reaching across borders and a grip of power that chills you to the bone, isn’t going down without a fight. Jail time? Chump change. They’ll do their three or four years, team up to snag some hidden cash, and walk-free laughing. 80% of the people want them gone? Forget about it. These guys have an arsenal that would make a warlord jealous and an army ready to unleash it…for the right price. Think international mercenaries, not just muscle from Venezuela.

And here’s the kicker: there’s a long-standing deal forged back in Hugo’s days. The guerrillas keep the streets “calm” and line their pockets with drug money and protection fees. (Sound familiar?) Sure, some in the military weren’t thrilled about it, but Hugo and his crew shut them down faster than you can say “DEA.” Remember that whole “spying” thing? Yeah, that was just an excuse to kick them out.

Free and Fair Elections? Not So Fast.

There’s a giant roadblock on the path to a peaceful transition: rigged elections. People cling to hope, but the truth is the system’s rigged. We’ve seen the looting and the suppression of freedoms – this “socio-communist” regime has gone too far.

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