Marxist Globalism Will Not Survive

by J.B. Shurk, American Thinker:


In the end, Marxist globalism will fail.  The Machiavellian push for One World Government will fail.  The World Economic Forum’s master plan for a small cabal of egomaniacal “elites” to rule over Earth’s eight-billion-plus inhabitants will fail.  Why?  Because those who conspire to foist such despotism upon the rest of us have no meaningful vision for the future.

Surviving in tiny apartments in mega-metropolises, owning nothing of our own, subsisting on a diet of bugs and Soylent Green, anesthetizing our minds with narcotics and virtual reality, and remaining in a perpetual state of fear over man-made “climate change” is no way to live.  Existence without struggle, adventure, growth, or purpose is hollow.  “Shouting your abortion” and volunteering for government-assisted suicide inspire no-one.  Self-censoring speech breeds conformity, not creativity.  Obsessing over what is “politically correct” leaves no space for original thought.  Constantly worrying about being punished for spreading “disinformation” or being “cancelled” for offending the State is psychological torture.


The future that globalist “elites” wish to impose upon the rest of us is devoid of personal meaning.  It is bereft of innovation and art.  It is a death sentence for imagination.  It drowns the soul in dread.

A powerful alliance of central banks, espionage agencies, multinational corporations, and oppressive governments will continue to demand that the human race “voluntarily” accept the new digital cages being built around them, but we humans cannot be controlled forever.  Rebelling against our masters is in our nature.  Seeking our independence drives us into the wilderness.  Risking everything for freedom is what makes too many of us feel most alive.  The globalists can torture, intimidate, imprison, and murder us without mercy, but, in the end, they will fail to do anything other than steel our resolve and forge an implacable spirit among the populace.  Marxist globalism will not survive.

One of the reasons it will not survive is that it is simply the reimposition of monarchy and aristocracy in twenty-first-century clothes.  Royal prerogative and noble privilege have been refashioned as bureaucratic, financial, or scientific “expertise.”  Secretaries-general of international bodies, directors of clandestine organizations, corporate officers, and central bank governors are just modern tsars and princes wielding high-tech, digital swords.  Before the fall of most dynasties around the world, a peasant who asked, “Why should I do what you say?” would be told with the help of a firm whip or rod, “Because I am your lord, and you must obey.”  Today, when a commoner asks, “Why must I use fiat money, close my business for COVID, or allow school counselors to give my child puberty blockers behind my back?” a government representative insists that we are not qualified to question the “experts.”

Putting a title before someone’s name — especially the word, “doctor” — is used to evince authority in the same manner as a king bestows privilege upon a baron, count, or duke.  Just as aristocrats are not genetically superior to those they seek to “rule,” “experts” are not any more immune to errors in judgment than those they seek to regulate.  As a reader going by the name of “Grandpa” recently observed, “In my lifetime, ‘science’ said a frontal lobotomy was the cure for a host of mental illnesses.  ‘Science’ said we would be a frozen world by 1980…Now, ‘science’ is saying a man can become a woman and a woman a man.”  Science, as Grandpa suggests, is often no more than a heraldic shield used to deflect criticism while demanding unearned respect.

Another reason Marxist globalism will not survive is that it stands for no principle beyond the pursuit and exercise of raw power.  It is a religion that glorifies a handful of global “elites” as gods and demands that everyone else accede to their philosophies as gospel truths.  However, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Al Gore, John Kerry, Barack Obama, and their fellow WEF enthusiasts are false prophets who serve no greater interest than their own.  They have made themselves into globalist idols for mindless followers to profanely worship.  And like all false idols, they will lead their acolytes to their own demise.

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