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In last Wednesday’s blog I pointed out that three events could be examples of a covert warfare currently under way: the recent drone attack on a Russian early warning radar at Aramvir, the alleged incursion of a specialist team into a Raytheon facility in Tuscon (which, I hasten to add, may just be a completely fabricated story), and the recent murder of a Chchen man. As I pointed out in that blog, we’re looking at a string of ifs, at least, with respect to those articles.


However, there is a bit of confirmation that something is going on by  U.S. Navy Admiral Daryl Caudle, according to this story shared by K.M.:

What interests us here are the statements made in the first two paragraphs of this short article:

The US Fleet Forces Commander Admiral Daryl Caudle warned FOX News viewers that there have been an uptick in foreign nationals attempting to penetrate US military bases around the country. These attempted breaches are taking place two to three times a week now.

Journalist Lara Logan reported on attempted breaches at several US bases by Chechens, Jordanians and Chinese.

Taken at face value, these statements, while not confirming that the “Raytheon incursion” occurred, nor the possible relationship of the death of the Chechen man is part of some covert warfare, the admiral’s statements at least confirm the template or context that a covert warefare is under way.

With that we come to the point of today’s high octane speculation. First, permit me to state a methodological assumption I always make in such cases. In some cases I do not state this assumption explicitly because I assume that regular readers here understand this methodology, the methodology of assuming a story to be true for the sake of argument and speculation. But it’s necessary in this case given the U.S. government’s and military’s track record of lying and of staging events to create policy. Think of the Gulf of Tonkin incident, or more recently, the whole 9/11-Iraqi weapons of mass destruction scenario.

In short, I’m assuming the admiral is telling the truth.

If so, the entry of so many foreign nationals does become a national security issue. It has been pointed out that many of the illegal border-crashers are suspicious males of military age. In other words, when the border is an open sieve it becomes possible, and even likely, that agents of foreign militaries and intelligence can use this mechanism to gain entry into the country. In other words, the admiral is implying that we are being infiltrated by foreign operatives, be they military or intelligence operatives. These in turn are here, presumably, to gather intelligence and worse, possibly to create infrastructure attacks and chaos: sabotage for short. If you recall my blogs from some years ago about the California electrical sub-station attack, the San Franfreakshow internet cable attacks(sorry, I just can’t bring myself to call it by its proper name any more), the attack on internet cables between Flagstaff and Phoenix, Arizona, then you’ll recall that I was of the opinion even then that we were looking at covert warfare operations being done by teams of professionals, and that these in turn may have been in aid of a foreign power or powers.

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