Dems have an epic ‘Come to Jesus’ moment after President Trump’s sham conviction backfires all over the place…

from Revolver News:


In life, we all have those horrific “aha” moments where we pause and think, “Oh no, what have I done?” This usually happens when some poorly planned, desperate scheme goes off the rails. And that’s exactly what the Dems are experiencing right now as their entire “sham conviction” plot begins to unravel like a ball of cheap yarn, leaving nothing but a chaotic, disheveled mess behind.


Nobody was surprised by the verdict, but decent people were horrified to witness this “North Korea-style” maneuver in the so-called land of the free. We’re all sitting here watching the Democrats weaponize the judicial system to attack their political enemies. The regime has lined up crooked courts in liberal-run cities, complete with compromised activist judges, tainted juries, and sure-fire verdicts. They did the same thing to J6 political prisoners and Douglass Mackey, the young man who was convicted of a felony for sharing an anti-Hillary meme online. This is a tactic straight out of Iran’s playbook. This isn’t how the US is supposed to behave; we’ve lost the last sliver of moral high ground we had and have descended into complete and total “banana republic” territory. Ironically, for the first time ever, many of these Democrats who egged this one are finally seeing the writing on the wall and reading the room correctly—and the panic is setting in.

The first sign that things were going south for the Democrats was the unbelievable, record-breaking donation haul Trump took in. But there’s more to it than just the money—and the Dems know it.

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