How The PhD Scientists Totally Wrecked And Ruined The World

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The Geoengineering PhDs are especially dangerous and deadly in their daffy doings

This essay is the first of a three part series that delineates how the advanced degreed, highly credentialed PhD professionals of the world have significantly contributed to its relentless destruction.


The second article is this series is entitled : How Lawyers Wrecked America and Ruined the World

The third title is: How The MDs Destroyed Healthcare

Certainly you get the picture.  Not only is it not a pretty one, it is only getting uglier by the day in each respective sphere of life.

A Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is an advanced degree conferred upon those graduate students who have satisfactorily completed an advanced academic curriculum within a university setting, which has been accredited by an empowered certifying institution to award a doctorate.  The advanced degree is usually awarded to an individual who has submitted a dissertation on a rather narrow topic within his/her field of research or study.  By doing so, he/she becomes an expert of sorts in that particular niche of inquiry, research and/or experimentation.  Herein lies just one of the potential problems that sets up many of these folks up for failure … … … for life!

For the purposes of this exposition, we will only focus on the PhD that is awarded in the progressive ‘hard’ sciences.  Our focus is particularly on those highly specialized scientific disciplines which provide the academic and theoretical basis for the various industrial and energy paradigms that predominate throughout the world.  The profoundly flawed energy paradigms are especially illustrative of so many fundamental and critical defects which are perpetuated by the scientific class at the behest of their corporate and governmental paymasters.

The entire process of acquiring an advanced degree reveals the inherent problems of PhDhood[1].  As each of these serious problems is systematically unpacked, it becomes quickly apparent how the PhDs are wrecking the world at an alarming rate.  Truly, as a class of working professionals in research and academia, industry and business, government and corporate, they have greatly contributed to the ongoing and literal collapse of post-modern civilization.

And they don’t even know it!

There is perhaps no better example of how the PhDs wrecked the world than the current nuclear energy paradigm which is consistently utilized by the nuclear nations.  The science of nuclear physics, as well as all the applied nuclear technology disciplines that undergird the nuclear power industry, are still in their infancy.  Actually, even the Albert Einsteins and Enrico Fermis were way out of their league when they assisted in the development of the atomic bomb.  And yet, the governments and corporations of the world chose to proceed with building completely unsafe and unsound nuclear power plants that were ticking time bombs from day one.

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