In this 2014 lecture, founder Justin Raimondo (1951-2019) explains how the Conservative movement had tended to side with the Palestinians in the 1940s. Even as late as 1956, National Review featured a column referring to the State of Israel as “the first racist state in modern history.” Raimondo recounts how famously conservative publisher Henry Regnery published “a whole series of books reporting on the dispossession of the Palestinian people.”

Various historical accidents during the Cold War, however, led to Washington’s—and conservatives’—embrace of the State of Israel.

The neoconservative takeover of the Conservative movement further pushed the movement and Washington in favor of the Israeli regime.

This was later solidified by the rise—within the Conservative movement—of a peculiar strain of Christianity that abandoned orthodox Christian views on Israel in favor of John Hagee-style evangelicalism.

(13 minutes):