Interview with Executive Global: “The Return of Marxism in the West”

by Claudio Grass, Claudio Grass:


Our special interview on Swiss Wealth Advisor with CLAUDIO GRASS, CEO and Independent Precious Metals Consultant, explores the manner in which astute investors may preserve wealth against the backdrop of debilitating central economic planning and monetary inflation. 

Executive Global sit down to discuss macroeconomic trends, precious metals, monetary policy and philosophy with the advisor to affluent institutional and private clients.

Executive Global: (EG)

We saw a heavy-handed totalitarian response to the events of 2020, something that you also noted and discussed when you recently sat down with HSH Prince Michael of Liechtenstein. What were the main takeaways from that conversation? 


Claudio Grass: (CG)

I think among the most important lessons was the importance of independent thought and individual critical judgment – that of course goes hand in hand with the need for every citizen to educate themselves, to embrace personal responsibility and to question, scrutinise and debate any kind of “given truth” or edict from above instead of mindlessly accepting it as fact. Another main takeaway was the return of Marxism in the West with all the toxic sociopolitical narratives that comes with it.


Institutions like the WHO attempt to curtail the capacity for self-determination of sovereign nations, for example through plans like their ‘Pandemic Preparedness Treaty’. More and more people understand that their God-given freedom and liberties are NOT for sale. This sentiment is increasingly embraced by voters and taxpayers in most advanced economies and the push toward more personal independence is clear, so why do you think statist narratives and efforts for even more centralisation still persist?


It might be an unconventional answer, but I think that one of the main reasons is that most people in the West don’t believe in God any longer. They laugh at the very idea of something or someone bigger than them and they scoff at any notion even remotely associated with deistic or theistic ideas. These materialists believe that they only live once. As long as their actions are legal, they don’t care if they are moral – if they are actually right or wrong. In their mind, once you are dead you’re dead, so make sure you acquire as many material goods as possible. They seek to maximise their personal profit, with little to no regard as to what they are willing to do to achieve that (all consistent with an apathetic, utilitarian, “the end justifies the means” kind of philosophy and worldview).


Freedom, liberty and western civilisation MUST prevail over Communism. No other ideology has killed more people than Marxism has. So, in 2024 and beyond, how do we go about eliminating this toxic ideology?

CG:Goethe used to say ‘he who does not command himself, always remains a servant.’ Therefore, my suggestion is to separate ourselves from the servants and to unite with enlightened individuals that want to live their own life. Sound individuals that understand the value of private property, freedom of speech, freedom of choice and with the understanding, that not even the government can deny us the right to own our own body and mind. The easiest thing to do is to look for individuals who understand that they are born free and who are willing to take self-responsibility. Try to meet like-minded individuals that are productive and understand that freedom means self-responsibility. Because of the return of Marxism/collectivism, we can also see the return of a centrally administrated economy, which has always led to a misallocation of capital, impoverishment of the masses and the suffering and death of millions. History is our witness, therefore this time it won’t be different.

“The Swiss have proven that it is possible to become a free and prosperous nation with a structure that is organised bottom-up and not top-down.”


Ludwig Von Mises stated ‘the worst evils that mankind has ever had to endure were inflicted by bad Governments.’ With that in mind, could you elaborate on the dangers posed by state-controlled central bank digital currencies?


They give the government a totalitarian tool to control money, its flows, and the individual that holds it. It would lead to the “gläserne Bürger” whereby the state can decide to track or trace whatever we do. However, I still believe this will not be implemented widely- it is just a ploy to distract and basically to mislead the individual to believe that there is no other alternative. The only thing which is clear to me for the time being is that governments and bureaucrats are doing whatever they can to destroy the current system and they are promoting certain ideas and future goals which paralyse the individual until this totalitarian vision truly becomes the future. I don’t buy it – as long as people love each other and care about their loved ones, reason will prevail, and reason will always lead us to freedom and individual liberty.


What are the fatal flaws of Keynesianism? 

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