99.9% Chance AI Will Wipe Out Humanity, Predicts Top Scientist

from The National Pulse:


In a landmark survey conducted earlier this year, more than half of the 2,778 researchers surveyed expressed concerns over the existential threat posed by superhuman artificial intelligence (AI). The poll suggested a five percent chance that humanity could face extinction or experience other “extremely bad outcomes” due to the rise of superintelligent AI systems.

Prominent among the voices raising the alarm is Roman Yampolskiy, a distinguished computer science lecturer at the University of Louisville and a well-respected figure in AI research. Speaking on the Lex Fridman podcast, Yampolskiy gave a stark prediction, estimating a 99.9 percent probability that AI could obliterate humanity within the next 100 years.

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“Creating general superintelligences may not end well for humanity in the long run,” Yampolskiy cautioned. “The best strategy might simply be to avoid starting this potentially perilous game.”

Yampolskiy also highlighted the existing issues with current large language models, noting their propensity for errors and susceptibility to manipulation as evidence of potential future risks.

“Mistakes have already been made; these systems have been jailbroken and used in ways developers did not foresee,” he observed.

Further, Yampolskiy suggested that a superintelligent AI could devise unforeseeable methods to achieve destructive ends, presenting challenges we may not even recognize as threats until too late. While he conceded that the probability of AI leading to human extinction is not a full 100 percent, he warned that the risk is alarmingly high.

“Even with exponentially increasing our resources, the risk never fully disappears,” he said, illustrating the ongoing challenge of managing a system capable of billions of decisions per second over many years.

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