The Haves and the Have Nots

by Erik Carlson, The Tenpenny Report:


We are a nation of haves and have nots, and the gap is widening.

America has been under attack by Communists for decades. Hopefully everyone reading this already understands that history is written by the victors and essentially the history we think we know lies somewhere between a manipulation of the truth and a flat out lie.

It is even more important to understand where Communism comes from; it comes from the British Cabal. Communism was created by these elites to control the world. It was first used to infest and destroy Russia, a country that had a history of standing up to the British Cabal elitists. I should point out, these British Cabal elitists don’t all come from the English bloodline; they come from all walks of life, coming together and having common ground in their Satanism. They just happen to headquarter out of the City of London.


Communism and Socialism are lies. Socialism is used as a gateway drug to Communism. Socialism is Communism doused in perfume. Eventually the perfume wears off, and Communism’s unbathed smell of body odor starts to overpower the senses. But by this point, Communism unfortunately will have taken over and the people who have been fooled by its lies are stuck with what they have done. They’ve invited into their homes the psychopaths who would eventually kill them and all of their loved ones, including their future loved ones.

Communism has always been the plan to destroy America. It goes back at least a century, but the effort accelerated following WWII. Immediately following the end of WWII, General Patton was killed for believing Communism was a bigger threat to America than the Nazis, and Joseph McCarthy was demonized for going after the Commies once they infiltrated America. We’ve all seen what they’ve done and continue to do to Trump and his family.

The thing about the Communist takeover of America is that it has happened from within, and slowly over time so people wouldn’t become aware that it is actually happening. It’s been like a giant children’s game of “red light/green light”. The Communists must avoid being caught pushing Communism forward. Lately they’ve been overly aggressive, increasing the risk of being caught.

Each generation, another Communist concept is added to American society. Baby Boomers were the first generation raised in a new godless society; in fact, in the 1960’s, Satan and Satanism became a part of American pop culture. Generation X was raised in a new non-traditional family era — single parents, divorced parents, gay parents, anything but traditional family households. Millennials were raised in a time of hopelessness, and now Generation Z is being raised in a time where even basic truths are being questioned. Each concept is layered on top of the next.

The Z Generation is actually being raised during a time where God, traditional families, hope and truth have all been removed from society, or rather are no longer the norm. This generation has never lived during a time when traditional values were the norm and not an outlier. Older generations must understand that they didn’t go through early development at a time like this. There must be at least some compassion and understanding for young people’s bizarre behavior and beliefs.

The goal of Communism is to create a society where the elites have everything, and the common people have nothing. It’s a feudalistic society, where the peasants work off the land of the noble elites. The peasants serve the elites. The peasants own nothing, and they are content with this arrangement. As we’ve seen and as it has been reported, during the Biden Administration, the elites’ assets are growing at a record pace, while the middle and working class are experiencing historic financial suffering and a massive loss of purchasing power — whether they understand this or not.

Support for Socialism and Communism has been growing in America because the people pushing it are the rich, powerful and influential elites, and the people who are accepting it are beaten down, broken, and heavily manipulated into believing the lies. Communism disguised as Socialism has been sold as a moral change the nation needs. The people who innocently call for Socialism are often thinking with their hearts rather than their brains. It’s no excuse, but a reality.

The people who innocently believe in the benefits of Communism, wrongly believe in the concept that a high tide lifts all boats. They think Communism would lift the working class and the middle class, while bringing the elites down closer to their level. In reality, Communism is a low tide. The tide going out leaves the working-class fishing boats aground in the harbor, while the luxury yachts that are too big to come into the harbor remain safely afloat.

Socialism and Communism have been sold to the American people as a necessary, moral need. The rich are too rich, and the poor are too poor. The problem is that Communism doesn’t really work to lessen this gap, it actually makes the gap wider. The Civil Rights Movement was sold to Americans in the 1960’s as a way to protect the poor, but in actuality, it created an even wider gap between the poor and the middle class. While creating a perpetual state of poverty, it has also destroyed the family structure of the poor, ensuring that the poor will always remain poor.

The biggest current predictive indicator of who will be poor is not race, it’s whether or not a father is in a family’s home. A white family with no father is much more likely to be poor than a black family with a father in the home. The Civil Rights Movement destroyed the African American family; this was not by accident, it was the intention of the elites who push Communism. Create a perpetual state of poverty, create hopelessness, which leads to the bottom rising up and demanding change, Communism. Change that will hurt them even more and actually benefit the ones they think they are standing up to.

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