Federal judge makes history! Rules sex ‘unambiguously binary’

from WND:


One of Joe Biden’s key weapons in his promotion of the LGBT ideology for not just people in America but around the world has been his simple redefinition of words.

“Sex,” his administration has claimed, actually means “sexual orientation” or “gender identity.” Thus, his LGBT goals have been “protected” in federal law for decades, he claims.

Using that simple maneuver Biden bureaucrats have tried to impose that ideology on churches, foster parents, adoptive families, schools, and many others.

Now he’s run into reality.

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In the form of a federal judge who concluded in a court fight over Biden’s agenda that when a 1972 law refers to “sex,” it “carried an unambiguously binary meaning.”

The Post-Millennial reported on the decision in Texas’ lawsuit against Biden over his “guidance” on Title IX.

That law essentially rules that males and females should be treated equally in schools.

Biden demanded through his redefinitions that that law actually, when written in 1972, meant “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.”

Biden’s goal was to remove standards in schools that limited boys, in intimate situations such as locker rooms, to be with other boys, and girls with girls.

Texas’ case was against Biden’s Department of Education and its secretary Miguel Cardona, and the Department of Justice and Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton explained Biden’s changes were “not in accordance with law and are in excess of statutory authority because they rely upon the interpretation of Title VII described in Bostock and apply it to Title IX.”

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