Russian Embassy in the US Receives Threats

from Sputnik News:


The administration of the Russian embassy in the US and regular diplomats receive threatening messages on a daily basis, the head of the Russian diplomatic mission in Washington, Anatoly Antonov, has said.

I can confirm that threatening messages to the Russian embassy, for example, are received almost daily. And not only to the administration, but also to regular diplomats,” Antonov said in a commentary distributed by the embassy.

According to Antonov, the US authorities with their “Russophobic policy only condone such tendencies.


“Thus, we know very well that in some states, primarily on the West Coast, groups of natives of Ukraine and relocants from our country sympathetic to Kiev are gathering. Someone is nurturing, mentoring, pumping poisonous propaganda into the youth. They are being prepared to be thrown onto the battlefield in Eastern Europe, and maybe even to other gangster antics. A lot of money is spent on this. And it is unlikely that the organization of such extremist cells goes unnoticed by law enforcement agencies. However, nothing is done regardless of the obvious risks,” he said.

According to Antonov, terrorist activity continues to grow in the world. “This nightmarish phenomenon is poisoning the lives of citizens in various countries, with the US being no exception,” he said.

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