Watch: Badly Wounded Gordon Ramsay Shows Off Massive Bruise, Says Bike Helmet Saved His Life

Gordon Ramsay has taken to social media to tell “all the dads out there” that they need to wear a helmet, after the 57-year-old celebrity chef was involved in a massive cycling accident in Connecticut.

“I don’t care how short the journey is,” Ramsay said, shaking. “they’ve got to wear a helmet.”

“I want to wish you all a happy Father’s Day, but please, please, please wear a helmet. If I didn’t, honestly, I wouldn’t be here now.

He then showed the camera a massive bruise.


Ramsey said the accident took place earlier this week in Connecticut. He was rushed to the ER at Lawrence and Memorial Hospital, but clarified that the did not “break any bones or suffer any major injuries,” but was “a bit bruised up looking like a purple potato.”

“I’m in pain. It’s been a brutal week. And I’m sort of getting through it.”

Ramsay shared a photo of his damaged helmet on Instagram:

So to all the cyclists out there, don’t be an idiot sandwich.


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