from State Of The Nation:

How the GLOBAL GAMBLING CASINO wrecked and ruined the entire planetary civilization.

Until a critical mass of humanity understands that the Global Economic & Financial System is completely
controlled by class of criminally insane and psychopathic banksters who bet on everything under the sun to the
great detriment of both the biosphere and human life, the rapidly accelerating downward spiral into a worldwide Armageddon scenario will inexorably push the world community of nations into the proverbial abyss.

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The following exposé says it all except that this extremely precarious planetary predicament has since been exacerbated to the point of mathematical certainty as well as a total and irreversible meltdown of every major market, not just the stock market.

However, in order to correctly understand how the banksters will conduct their long-planned controlled demolition of the Global Gambling Casino, the following link details both the method and the weapons that are at their disposal.

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