Connecticut Bar issues dystopian warning to lawyers who criticize anti-Trump judges and prosecutors…

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Just when you thought our corrupt, weaponized justice system couldn’t sink any lower, the Connecticut Bar Association steps up and delivers a home run for the regime. They’re subtly issuing a “warning” to lawyers against criticizing Trump’s sham judges and prosecutors. While they haven’t threatened Bar action against the critics (yet), it’s clear this move is a blatant attempt to muzzle and control the narrative, which has spiraled out of their control and backfired spectacularly on the regime. Desperate times call for desperate measures, right? And seeing this latest move, you have to wonder if the folks at the Connecticut Bar think “1984” was a how-to manual.


These days, we’re witnessing horrific examples of the regime’s lawfare everywhere. From President Trump’s sham trials to the J6 political prisoners, Jeffrey Clark, John Eastman, and Douglass Mackey, who was convicted of a felony just for sharing an anti-Hillary meme—plus, what’s happening to Alex Jones is something straight out a banana republic.


The fate of Infowars hangs in the balance, thanks to that unjust Sandy Hook ruling against Alex Jones. Now, Infowars is at the mercy of a US courtroom that feels more like a banana republic—enemy territory for anyone not marching in lockstep with the regime. And no one knows this better than Alex Jones. Remember when they first came for Alex, knocking him off platforms and trying to wipe out his livelihood by debanking him and scrubbing him from every corner of the internet? Was

Is that a trial run? It looks like it, because that’s exactly what they started doing to President Trump and other conservatives. Just look at Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro now. Speak out against the regime, and you’ll pay for it. That warning shot started with Alex Jones.

It wasn’t until recently that he got his social media voice back, and that’s all thanks to X, formerly known as Twitter. Vivek was one of the loudest voices urging Elon Musk to bring Alex Jones back. Eventually, it paid off, and Elon reinstated Infowars on the platform—a platform he should’ve never been removed from to begin with.


But that’s where the good news ends. Sadly, with the unjust Sandy Hook ruling, it seems the US banana republic is trying to erase Infowars off the map once again. Alex recently issued a dire warning—his popular show might be over for good.

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One attorney who is thoroughly outraged over this so-called “warning” out of Connecticut and just so happens to be a legal professional who’s been very critical of Trump judges and prosecutors and the politicized cases against him is law professor Jonathan Turley. As a matter of fact, he’s so outraged by the move that he put “pen to paper” and sent a warning of his own—this time to the American people—about the effort to once again silence political dissent under the flim-flam guise of “saving democracy.”

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