Deep State Gangsters Attempt “Digital Assassination” on Alex Jones: InfoWars Staff Speaks Out

by Andrew Muller, Liberty Sentinel:


Lawfare is now, unfortunately, a common term in the vernacular of any patriotic American who has been watching the attacks on journalists and candidates who dare to speak out against the New World Order. Usage of the term spiked after the attempt to smear Donald J. Trump with 34 doctored felony charges. But now another victim of lawfare is in the news for being attacked by the once scrupulous U.S. legal system. That man is Alex Jones.


Harrison Smith, the host of American Journal, airing on InfoWars live weekdays from 8–11 a.m. CST, joins chief of operations Andrew Muller to brief Americans on Alex Jones’ legal case, the future of InfoWars, and the state of the First Amendment.

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