Joe Biden’s $42 Billion Broadband Plan Hasn’t Connected A Single User To The Internet

by William Upton, The National Pulse:


Three years ago, Joe Biden signed a sweeping $42 billion rural broadband proposal into law with the aim of bringing needed internet connections to Americans in more remote and less populated parts of the country. However, as the 2024 presidential election looms and Biden’s term in office may be nearing an end, not a single person in rural America has been connected to the internet under the 81-year-old Democrat’s plan.

In fact, no project receiving funds from the Biden government program will break ground until 2025. According to internet service providers (ISPs) and lawmakers on Capitol Hill, the hold-up is because of the Biden government’s overly burdensome requirements for accessing the $42 billion program. They cite regulations implementing climate change mandates, union worker requirements, and DEI regulations for the slow-down in building out rural internet infrastructure. Additionally, the ISPs point to attempts by the Biden Commerce Department to regulate consumer rates in a manner beyond the agency’s authority as compounding the program’s ineffectiveness.


While House lawmakers on the Budget Committee say they believe rural broadband projects should begin in 2025 and be well underway by 2026, not everyone in the federal government shares their optimism. Federal Communications Commissioner Brendan Carr says he believes the projects won’t be near completion in many underserved areas until 2030 because of the delays due to the Biden government’s onerous requirements. “There hasn’t been a single shovel’s worth of dirt that has even been turned towards connecting people,” Carr said.

“They just put too many steps in the process,” Carr added before concluding: “The addition of a substantive wish list of progressive ideas they’ve layered in certainly didn’t help with the timeline.”

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