Foreign Gangs in New York City Are Robbing the Police Now

by M Dowling, Independent Sentinel:


Two migrants attacked the police as they were trying to make an arrest on Randall’s Island. Gangs of fake asylum seekers, who Democrats want to put on a path to citizenship, are riding around on motorcycles and mopeds, robbing passersby.

They’ve taken to robbing the police.


The cell phone robberies are tied to the worst gang, a prison gang from Venezuela called Tren De Aragua. They are teaming up with other New York gangs. A member of Tren de Aragua killed nursing student Laken Riley in Athens, Georgia on the University campus.

As Donald Trump warned, Venezuela and other countries emptied out their prisons and sent them to the US border.

New York is not only a sanctuary city for illegal foreigners; it’s a sanctuary for criminals, and the criminals are beginning to exploit it.

The useless mayor thinks it’s because they can’t get jobs, but that’s more of his inability to understand criminals are just being criminals.

They also know that they can do anything and be released. Dangerous repeat offenders are released onto the streets.

Now, we have reports of dangerous gangs expanding their criminal empires and recruiting new members among the fake asylum seekers.

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