German CDC documents show politics drove COVID response, not science

by Steve Kirsch, Steve Kirsch’s newsletter:

The health authorities deliberately lied the public about COVID because they didn’t want to lose the respect of the lawmakers. They knew that COVID was LESS dangerous than the flu!!

I simply cannot believe that the mainstream media is ignoring this huge story.

After multiple rounds of FOIA requests and court orders, documents very reluctantly released by the RKI in Germany (the equivalent of our CDC) showing that health officials deliberately lied to the public about the dangers of COVID and the COVID vaccine so that the government wouldn’t cut their funding.


Worldwide press blackout on this story. You aren’t supposed to know.

Watch this excellent 6 minute video that was independently produced by Professor Stefan Homburg. It’s short and to the point.

If you had any faith that government institutions are working for your benefit, this video will shatter it.

It’s a Rumble video since I’m sure it would violate YouTube’s community standards.

German journalists sued the German government for access to internal communication by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), which is the German equivalent of the CDC. The court case was required since the journalists’ FOIA request was not honored. When the documents finally became available after the court order, most of it was redacted. After further pressure, it has now been unredacted.

Aaron Siri is very familiar with this with the CDC in the US. Same modus operandi.

You can find them here (in German) right on the RKI website.

But it’s 2,515 pages long so most people won’t read it all.

So let me summarize for you.

Here are the top 7 revelations from the video. Credit to Frank Ploegman for assembling this list:

  1. The experts knew as early as January 2021 of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis as a life-threatening complication of the AstraZeneca clot shot. They ‘forgot’ to inform the public about this fact.
  2. The experts realized that there was no evidence whatsoever that the jabs reduced disease transmission, but they neglected to inform the public. Instead, they weaponized compassion and spread official disinformation that everyone should get jabbed “to protect grandma” and reach herd immunity through vaccination, even though both are impossible if the jabs don’t even reduce transmission.
  3. The experts knew that even N95 masks were ineffective outside hospital settings, but mandated them anyway. In short, the experts were the true ‘misinformation spreaders.’
  4. The experts recommended against closing schools, yet the government did this anyway.
  5. The experts said that ‘COVID’ should not be compared to the flu, because it is LESS dangerous than the flu. They also knew only old and sick people were at increased risk, yet they made it seem that even young, healthy people had severe health risks. The average age of death of ‘COVID’ patients was 83 years, which happens to be ABOVE the average life expectancy of 81.26 years in 2019.
  6. The government ordered the experts to ‘recommend’ what the government wanted. So the government did not “follow the science” as was claimed ad nauseam, but “The Science™” followed government orders. The RKI was ordered to keep risk levels high even though clearly nothing out of the ordinary was going on. The RKI was nothing more than the government press office, tasked with selling political decisions as scientific, while in reality nothing could be further from the truth.
  7. Why did RKI follow government orders? Because they feared being bypassed and becoming irrelevant. Their behavior proves clearly that they thought this worse than misleading the public.

The German health officials knew that the flu was worse than COVID, they knew masks didn’t work, they knew the AstraZeneca vaccine was deadly, they knew lockdowns weren’t recommended, and they knew the jabs didn’t reduce transmission, but they kept all of this from the public so they could tell a fairy tale story about how if we all did our part and got vaccinated, we could stop the spread.

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