Fauci’s Congressional Testimony Was a Reminder of All the Lies

by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:


In one of the most anticipated and shocking days of Congressional testimony, Dr. Anthony Fauci faced off with Congressional critics who grilled Fauci about COVID protocols, the origins of COVID and the truthfulness (or lack thereof) from Fauci and other experts during the pandemic. 

The hearing was nothing short of shocking. 

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During the hearing Fauci admitted that there was no real science behind COVID-era protocols like social distancingdefended vaccine mandates – despite the mountains of evidence of the dangers of these vaccines – and bizarrely claimed he hadn’t ever attempted to suppress the theory that COVID was the result of a lab leak.  

At one point, Rep. Rich McCormick (R-GA) played an audio recording of Dr. Fauci saying, “It’s been proven that when you make it difficult for people in their lives, they lose their ideological bullsh*t, and they get vaccinated.” 

Even more shocking, Fauci admitted that U.S. tax dollars made their way to Chinese biolabs and said that, “he was ‘not certain’ that foreign labs that receive U.S. grant money, such as the WIV – which was studying coronaviruses using U.S. taxpayer dollars at the time the pandemic began – operate at the same standards of American labs.” 

Never again

This shocking testimony by Fauci is yet another reminder for the American public – NEVER AGAIN. 

They want us frightened, they want us afraid to ask questions, they want us to unflinchingly follow every dictate from unelected bureaucrats like Fauci, and they will never take responsibility for their actions – even if those actions led to the deaths of countless people worldwide. 

I’m outraged by the damage this did to the economy. It makes me so angry to hear about how they used strategies in hospitals that they knew would not make people better. I’m furious when I think of all the people who died alone, like my nephew, without family by their sides.

They knew that ivermectin and hydrochoriquine were effective but there was no patent to get on those medications so they disallowed the use of protocols that could have saved a lot of people.

That is why, now – more than ever – we need to be prepared. 

In my opinion, there was a virus, but it was far more deadly than it needed to be. It concerns me with their gain of function research what will show up next. It’s very important to remember that just because something is created in a lab, it doesn’t mean that there is no threat. Most of the things created in labs are worse than whatever Mother Nature could cook up because they’ve taken great effort to make it so.

I never again want to be in the position of having medications withheld that could help me or the people I love.

Now is the time to stockpile meds 

The first step in making sure the misdeeds of the COVID-era are never repeated is to take responsibility for your own family’s health and to do it now! 

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