iOS 19 release date, features and rumors

Get ready for iOS 19, set to be released in 2025! This update is expected to be packed with exciting new Artificial Intelligence features and enhancements for Apple Vision Pro. While iOS 18 hasn’t been announced yet, we can still look at what iOS 19 might offer early. Stay tuned, as we’ll keep updating this post with the latest rumors and news about iOS 19.

iOS 19 release date

We don’t know the exact release date for iOS 19 yet, but Apple usually sticks to a regular schedule for their iOS updates. By looking at the past few versions’ release dates, we can guess that iOS 19 will likely be available to the public in mid-to-late September 2025.

According to a fandom, iOS 19, codenamed Mudskipper, is the 19th version in the iOS series. It will launch on September 14, 2025. Apple designed it to connect nearly every Apple device to the Apple ecosystem.

New iOS versions often launch alongside new iPhones, so it’s safe to expect iOS 19 to debut around the same time as the iPhone 17 in September 2025.

iOS 19 features

With iOS 18 still under wraps, it’s too early for any concrete news or speculation about iOS 19. But don’t worry, as soon as rumors start spreading, we’ll update you. Meanwhile, here’s what we might expect from iOS 19:

AI Enhancements to Photos, Videos, Siri, Messages, and Music

There will be a wave of new artificial intelligence tools from giants like Google, Microsoft, and Samsung. Now, Apple is also stepping into the arena, calling it Apple Intelligence instead of AI, suggesting their approach is superior to others in the field.

AI will likely improve core apps like Photos, Videos, Siri, Messages, and Music. While we can’t say exactly what these features will be, expect these apps to become even better and more efficient. These enhancements will make your everyday tasks easier and more enjoyable.

Many of these Apple Intelligence upgrades are coming to Siri, the digital assistant that has been a part of the iPhone experience since 2011 with the iPhone 4. These additional AI features aim to enhance Siri’s usability and make interactions more convenient and valuable for users.

The updated Siri will be better at understanding you even if you don’t speak perfectly, much like a person would. It will also remember previous parts of your conversation, so you can ask for weather in one place and then set a reminder for a trip there without repeating yourself.

More Siri enhancements are coming, including the ability to control compatible robot vacuum cleaners with your voice. These are the main updates announced so far, utilizing Apple Intelligence models and tools. It marks the largest Siri upgrade yet, potentially revolutionizing how tasks are managed on Apple phones.

‘Apple’s on-device AI will be better than GPT-4’

According to researchers, Apple’s on-device AI will be significantly better than GPT-4. A recent paper by Apple machine-learning engineer Joel Moniz reveals that Apple’s AI model “substantially outperforms” ChatGPT. Remarkably, it achieves this while running locally on your phone, instead of relying on banks of dedicated servers.

This local operation gives Apple’s AI access to personal details that aren’t available to any other GPT model, enhancing its performance. The implications of this are profound, benefiting both the environment and improving Siri’s capabilities.

AI tools

iOS 19 might introduce generative AI tools for photos and videos in Apple’s native apps. These features might require significant processing power, so it’s ambitious but not impossible for the iPhone. This could mean a new level of creativity at your fingertips.

An AI chatbox

While an AI chatbot might not appear in iOS 18, there’s a possibility we could see it in iOS 19. This could be a revamped version of Siri or a completely new way to interact with your iPhone. This development could change how you communicate with your device.

AI on iPhone, not in the Cloud

Apple is committed to customer privacy and prefers to process data on the iPhone rather than in the cloud. Although current iPhones might not handle extensive AI tasks locally, Apple will likely emphasize its AI privacy features. This ensures your data remains secure and private.

Apple Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro headset is Apple’s latest major hardware innovation. Expect iOS 19 to feature integrations with this device, enhancing content creation and bringing some Vision Pro features to the iPhone. This will bridge the gap between your iPhone and Apple’s new headset.

iOS 19 supported devices

Apple hasn’t announced which devices will support iOS 19 yet, but we can make an educated guess based on their recent history.

When iOS 17 launched with the iPhone 15, it supported models going back five years: the iPhone XS/XR series from 2018. This trend is consistent with other recent iOS versions.

If Apple follows the same pattern, iOS 19, set to release in 2025, should support models from as far back as 2020. This likely means support for the iPhone 12 series and newer, but dropping support for the iPhone XS/XR series and iPhone 11 series.