Large sun-like UFOs spotted in Canada: 'We’re seeing aliens’

Large, sun-like UFOs were spotted in Canada recently, the New York Post reported.

UFOs in Canada: Couple captures multiple orange lights over Winnipeg river

“Yo, I think we’re seeing some aliens! For real!” In Fort Alexander, Canada, Justin Stevenson and his wife, Danielle, were amazed to see several orange lights floating over the Winnipeg River.

“Two bright lights way above the trees,” he described in the now-viral video, before another pair of fiery orbs appeared. “Look, there’s another one! What the f—k is that?”

The couple tried to zoom into the lights and walked towards it to get a better view.

While some people on social media guessed the UFOs were helicopters or flares from an airplane, Stevenson believes they might be extraterrestrial.

“It was pretty surreal and it felt like we were in a sci-fi movie,” Stevenson said about the May 14 sighting.

“I was skeptical before I saw this, but now this has given me the proof I need that there’s something out there other than humans,” he added. Many people shared the social media video, expressing their shock.

Ufology Research tracks 1,101 Canadian UFO sightings in 2017, averaging three daily

Ufology Research, an organization Rutkowski is part of, has been collecting and analyzing Canadian UFO report data since 1989. According to their 2017 survey, there were 1,101 reported sightings across the country, averaging about three per day—the fifth highest number since they started collecting data.

The survey also revealed that each sighting had an average of two witnesses and lasted about 15 minutes. Many of the witnesses were police officers, pilots, and other individuals with sharp observational skills. has found at least 17 reports like these from 2023 in an online aviation incident database maintained by Transport Canada, the federal transportation department. These reports come from various parts of the country and involve pilots and crew members.