Help End the Fed on Lew Rockwell's 80th Birthday

Lew Rockwell has dedicated his life to spreading the ideas of the Austrian School. Today, we honor Lew on his birthday, and it’s only fitting we release the trailer for our new documentary, Playing with Fire: Money, Banking, and the Federal Reserve. With your help, we will release it to the public right before the election.

Over forty years ago, Lew visited with Margit von Mises at the Russian Tea Room in New York City with a vision: an institute dedicated to keeping alive the legacy of her husband, Ludwig. With her blessing and the financial support of passionate believers in Mises’s work, the Mises Institute was born.

Since then, Lew has dedicated his life to this calling, knowing that civilization depends upon it.

This week, we are celebrating Lew Rockwell’s birthday by asking for your support for his biggest project yet: a new documentary on the Federal Reserve and the economic devastation it has caused. We have partnered with a prolific film team and brought in some of our greatest advocates; what we need now is you.

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Mises’s life was dedicated to intellectually combating the evils of socialism, interventionism, inflationism, and tyranny. He recognized that it would always be an uphill battle. Easy money creates artificial good times that empower and enrich the political class; cleaning up the mess after that is difficult.

The only solution is for the public to understand the game, to be empowered to see past the cheap political rhetoric, and to identify the powerful actors who are ripping them off. That has been the driving mission of this documentary, and we are excited for you to see the results.

We hope you will attend the world premiere at this year’s Supporters Summit in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

Your support will help us complete this film and distribute it for free on platforms like YouTube and Amazon Prime. It will also help with promotional efforts to expose these truths to audiences outside our orbit.

Right now the most powerful names in media are not corporate outlets but free thinkers like Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson. We have a unique opening to strike at the root of the most pressing issue facing Americans: the forces making us poorer and stealing away our future.

In the words of Lew Rockwell, “If you hate war, oppose the Fed. If you hate violations of your liberties, oppose the Fed. If you want to restrain despotism, restrain the Fed. If you want to secure freedom for yourself and your descendants, abolish the Fed.”

With your support, we can bring this message to millions. Your donation will make a difference. Please give today!

Every donor who gives $50 or more will get a copy of Taking Back Our Money by Murray Rothbard.

Every donor who gives $1,000 or more will be listed in the rolling credits at the end of the film.

Watch the official trailer now!

Email Kristy Holmes your birthday message for Lew!

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