Prosecutors knew Jeffrey Epstein raped teenage girls 2 years before plea deal, transcript reveals

As per the grand jury records, prosecutors knew that Jeffrey Epstein raped teenage girls two years ago before the plea deal, Sky News reported. That deal has been widely criticized as a missed opportunity to stop him.

The grand jury investigation started in Florida in 2006, 13 years before he faced federal charges for sex trafficking in a case that became widely notorious. The transcripts were unexpectedly released on Monday, following the approval of a new law regarding such cases in February.

Newly revealed documents show prosecutors knew Epstein raped teenage girls as young as 14 in his Palm Beach mansion

Typically, Florida grand jury transcripts remain confidential indefinitely. The documents reveal that the jury heard evidence alleging that Epstein, then in his 40s, had sexually assaulted girls as young as 14 at his Palm Beach mansion.

According to the victims, they were frequently paid and offered additional money and rented cars if they brought more girls to him.

One victim said that the late pedophile pleasured himself in front of her in his mansion in Palm Beach, Florida. She also said that Epstein used a sex toy on her, DailyMail reported. Another victim said that Epstein raped her before she turned 18, and then never contacted her again.

The transcripts detail the disturbing nature of the case against Epstein, including an instance where he allegedly raped an underage girl who pleaded “no,” then offered her $1,000 as an apology.

Detective Joe Recarey reported that the teenager had informed him Epstein promised an additional $200 if she brought other girls, instructing her that “the younger, the better.”

The victim told the police that she brought six girls to Jeffrey’s house, including a 14-year-old. And that Epstein rejected one girl who was in her early 20s “for being too old.”

“She explained that there was going to be a massage or some possible touching, and you would have to provide the massage either topless or naked,” the detective told the grand jury.

Another victim told the police that she visited the pedophile’s mansion hundreds of times in the early 2000s, as per the transcripts.

Plea deal protected Epstein from federal charges despite evidence of serial abuse

Despite this evidence, in 2008 Epstein reached a plea deal with Florida prosecutors that allowed him to avoid more serious federal charges.

Brad Edwards, a lawyer representing many of the victims, commented that the transcripts revealed the chief prosecutor, state attorney Barry Krischer, “took the case to the Grand Jury with an agenda – to return minimal, if any, criminal charges against Jeffrey Epstein”.

“It is so sad, the number of victims Epstein was able to abuse because the state carried water for him when they had a chance to put him away.”

Epstein’s estate is compensating over 125 victims with $155 million (£122 million).