We Are All Palestinians – Independence Now!

by Lew Rockwell, Lew Rockwell:


Citizens United showed how even the Supreme Court can warp the Constitution to perpetuate our totally corrupted empire.  Big money gets

“free speech” that drowns-out all other speech and installs a narrative that promotes wars, monopolies and controls the minds of the people.  We the people have the worst government money can buy!  It’s not of, by or for the people,…we in effect take orders from defense contractors, drug makers, the CCP and most insidiously from unregistered foreign agent AIPAC and its network of Zionist neocons posited throughout media, finance, Beltway lobbyists and 99% of D.C. politicos.

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Just turn on a TV.   Semi-attractive fakers in high make-up all agree on what defies common sense.  How these pathetic tools and douchebags persist in mindless fantasies is beyond me.  They lie and lie, are found to be bald-faced liars, never redact their lies and create new lies to perpetuate their old lies.  I am cursed with a memory that goes back beyond 24 hrs., yet these unredeemable miscreants stiff it out.  Network anchors, phony doctors and various other well-paid narrative shills are not celebrities, but weak soulless phonies.  Their strong, certain speech seems as believable as fake-boobs in a low-cut dress until critical thought laughs them off…I almost feel sorry for these sock-puppets.

Ain’t it all just a distraction?  The never-ending political soap-opera is a well-written psyop.  Pathetic screaming red-faced partisans are made to believe one slick suit or another will save them from a short oppressive life of mindless servitude, bad food&medicine and economic control.  Given the purposeful destruction of family, property rights and reality itself; they fall under a chain of command enforced by paper-money and imaginary peer pressure. Face to face social relationships got replaced by opposition-limiting social media.  Fearing shame; obedience is maintained through taboo, speech correctness, the threat of cancellation and legal entanglement,… fear being the key mechanism of social control!

So most poor dumb bastards actually think that our “honorable” politicians care about them.  They are distracted by these posers who are somehow gifted billions by mysterious donors?  We are supposed to believe there is no collusion?  Pentagon generals and security state agencies keep us dazzled by the threat of foreign enemies when they themselves are the real war promoters preying on a scared public.  Secrecy is the norm. Nefarious schemes only become obvious through their gross results.  False-flag initiated bioweapon release, open borders and opioid distributions were well planned gambits to reduce useless chunks of the population and maintain obedience from the rest.  “Shit Happens,” they say; just not this kinda shit!

Urban hive-dwellers live in an echo chamber breathing their own brain farts.  Their view of reality consists of a 22nd floor window overlooking other depressing brown buildings, yet being at the center of network communications they feel entitled to inflict their New Yorky world-view on the rest of us.  These folks are divorced from nature and the ugliness they promote here and around the world.  Most couldn’t screw-in a light bulb, but think they’ve got all the answers.

I’ve watched the parade of unapologetic network assholes who are always wrong.  They told us we had to destroy the MidEast after a sketchy 9/11 and proceeded to terrorize the American public.  They told us we must lockdown, mask-up and get deadly vaccines as they out-shouted all voices of reason.  They told us George Floyd was “murdered” and didn’t die of fentanyl overdose and that riots and looting were to be expected. They “forgot” a regime-change op succeeded in Ukraine leading to NATO provocations forcing Putin’s hand.  They wailed at the sketchy Oct. 7 loss of Israeli lives, but could care less about 40,000 bombed, shot and starved Palestinian “animals.”  These traitors give all other lying hypocrites a bad name.

Some See Clearly

I know many people see through the scams of our feckless empire.

They understand that both parties represent the owners and voting does little to tilt the paradigm.  *see George Carlin

They see that both righty-republican FOX “News” and lefty-democrat MS/NBC/CBS/ABC/PBS/NPR promote and protect the same neocon warmongers and military/pharmaceutical monopolies.

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