December 2, 2022

About This Website

This website really is a personal blog of the owner and its purpose is to collect in one website all of my favorite content creators, so instead of searching the web I  just come here for my Daily News, and as it is online, it is available to the denizens of the internet to view as well.

Also it gets around shadow banning by yanking the content directly via RSS at regular intervals (too many times) I just don’t see creators on YT for literally months, this is my work around.

And as I find new creators I’ll add them here as well.

Please Note;

  • All creators stories  are linked back to the creators original website, with ping backs enabled.
  • If the creator has merch links those will be added to each post so the creator keeps their personal monetization
    • if you as a creator do not see your links hit the contact form below and supply the missing merch links ,and I’ll fix that.

Also remember as this is a personal blog, but I am approachable to the idea of cross hosting your content, that means allowing you to directly post here.

If you were to become a site contributor, I would ask you to consider this as a backup location for your Written or Audio content (sorry no video yet) .  You, would do this, for the day when, they, do to you, what they did to Nick Rekieta, and others.

The posting limitations are no wanton cries for acts of violence, or calls for anything illegal in general.

However, If, you are a creator that I repost to here, and don’t want to be reposted here, then, go to the contact section on this page and ask that your content be removed.

Upon receipt, all posts on the site of your content will be deleted with in 24 hours.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.