Gold Breakout Confirmed … Almost

By Stefan Gleason Gold finished solidly above the $1,800/oz level on Friday, marking the yellow metal’s best weekly close since late August. More importantly, gold may be breaking out of a larger consolidation pattern that has been in force since prices peaked in August of last year. Prices edged above the descending triangle line – … Read more

Used Vehicle Prices Hyperinflate As Inflation Begins To Spiral Out Of Control All Over America

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog: It turns out that all of the “doom and gloomers” that were warning that we would eventually experience nightmarish inflation were right after all.  In particular, vehicle prices have become exceedingly painful in recent months.  Due to a crippling global shortage of computer chips, production of new vehicles … Read more

Congressman Has A Message To Americans And For ‘The Oppressors’: ‘Do NOT Comply – Stand Your Ground! Americans Would Rather Die On Their Feet Than Live On Their Knees’

by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline: – Promises Reinstatement And Back Pay To Military Members Who Say No To The Vax While most Americans who’ve been paying attention to what’s unfolding in America would probably agree with a statement made by Susan Duclos recently to me, that most politicians in America in 2021 don’t give a … Read more

This Didn’t Take Long: Appeals Court Blocks Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

by Mish Shedlock, The Street: New Orleans-based court says Covid-19 vaccination and testing rules raise grave legal issues. Blocked Already On Thursday the White House Sets OSHA January 4 Deadline Requiring Shots or Tests. Saturday evening the WSJ reported Federal Appeals Court Temporarily Blocks Biden Administration Vaccine Rules for Private Employers TRUTH LIVES on at A three-judge … Read more

Biden Regime Abandons Americans in Ethiopia – “US Embassy Unlikely to be Able to Assist US Citizens – if Commercial Options Become Unavailable”

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit: The Biden regime announced last week they stranded THOUSANDS of Americans in Afghanistan when they departed the country based on their arbitrary timeline.  The US turned the country over to the Taliban terrorists and armed with billions of dollars of US weapons. Of course, the Biden regime lied for weeks saying only 100 … Read more

Bitcoin Price Tops $66,000 for First Time Since Late October

from Sputnik News: MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The Bitcoin exchange rate increased by nearly 7% on Monday, surpassing $66,000 for the first time since 21 October, according to trading data. On the Binance exchange, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trading volume, Bitcoin grew in price by 7.22%, reaching $66,120 as of 09:42 GMT. TRUTH … Read more