Zelda Movie Exclusive Information from a Close Source

The same source who helped WDW Pro with the world exclusive reveal that The Zelda Movie is in development is sharing a few more pieces of information about the project. Proof of World First Exclusive Leak:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHBOSyABAMc Giant Freaking Robot Confirmation Four Days Later:
https://www.giantfreakinrobot.com/ent/legend-of-zelda-movie-illumination.html Further information about Zelda included in this video:
1. Original story and art style — not based on a game in particular.
2. Project guidelines call for script to be kept simple.
3. Various partners excited and helping craft the Zelda movie due to the brand recognition and overall net positives for everything Link, Hyrule, etc.
4. McDonald's very pleased about the "NCU" idea.
5. Zelda seen as opportunity to kickstart a children's fantasy genre (sword and sorcery). Please note, the information in this video comes from a source which WDW Pro does know… but whose identity must be protected. Likewise, the source is providing information which is deemed worthy of reporting, but cannot be independently verified or corroborated. As a result, this video is purely rumor and speculation. It also relays information about a project which is not even publicly announced by the companies allegedly working on it. Things can and do change.Entertainment analysis, Disney commentary, leaks, rumors and interviews.
All the news that should be fun.

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