The Fall of Chapek: Three Sins that Cost Him the Disney Throne


  • Following SEC Reports from The Walt Disney Company as they battle Nelson Peltz and Trian, we now have a fairly strong understanding of what cost former CEO Bob Chapek his job.
  • Robert Iger was gunning for him from the get-go, but it was three errors by Chapek that allowed people like Christine McCarthy and organizations like Walkout Disney to take him down.
    • Join WDW Pro and @ValliantRenegade as they go through the big three “sins”.
  • As you watch, remember to keep these in your memories lest you also fall prey to movements in your company such as Reimagine Tomorrow, that may be virtuous in the eyes of many, but may also lead to your demise if you lose control.

Helpful Times:

  • Sin #1: 4:40
  • Sin #2: 14:47
  • Sin #3: 23:38
  • The Enemy Behind the Wall: 42:40

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