European excess deaths, official data

There are excess deaths throughout Europe and in all age groups.

EuroMOMO Bulletin, Week 2, 2023
This week Pooled EuroMOMO, all-cause mortalit
Elevated level of excess mortality, overall and in all age groups.
Data from 25 European countries or subnational regions
Average levels from pre 2020 Mortality rates in 2022 compare to 2019 at different ages 2022, mortality, 7.8% higher for ages 20-44

In the UK, the second half of 2022 26,300 excess deaths, compared to 4,700 in the first half of 2022

The number of deaths registered in England & Wales in week 1 of 2023 30% more deaths (3,437) than expected (2023 versus 2019) Dataset,

Deaths by vaccination status, England

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