March 30, 2023

This is a multi part series done by Peter Zeihan on his YouTube Channel.

Peter is a Demographer who is very outspoken on his world view, which can be summed up in one of his catch phrases,

paraphrased ” On the farm children are extra hands for chores, but in  the city children are a serious expense, so much so, urban families tend to only have 1 to 2 children.

  • mathematically 1 to 2 children is below the minimum population sustainment level of 2.1 children per family for any society.
  • Consequently any society with less than a 2.1 children per house hold, is a society on the demographic wane.
  • And Peter will tell you just that.

Accordingly, people either like or hate Peter, and usually because he makes his haters question their political or philosophical positions on the topic and question their long term out look for the next 2 decades. All because, Peter essentially believes, the world we have known since the end of World War two or the last 71 years, will disappear over the next 2 to 3 decades, merely due to old age.

And this applies to any society you can name, think about that.

sniglets to think about;

  • in 2020 China admits it undercounted by 100,000,000 people in its census over the last decade.
  • in late 2022 China announces its population shrank by 850,000.
  • IF, Peter is correct, Globalism is dead and regionalism will return.

  • For decades, the Canadian system has been the world’s most friendly to would-be immigrants.
  • But just because the model has worked does not mean it will always work.

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