May 30, 2023
What Caused the 2013 Hueypoxtla, Mexico Radiation Event?  | Plainly Difficult Disaster Documentary
The theft of a radiotherapy machine head in Hueypoxtla, Mexico, containing a 60 Co radioactive source resulted in a nation wide search...... The Radiological event in Australia Just highlights how common these things are!! Learn with Plainly Difficult! Thank you to my Patreons, Youtube Members and Paypal Donors, your support keeps the lights on! My Album Is out now: This weeks Outro Song: ► SOCIAL MEDIA: ► Twitter: ► Instagram: CHAPTERS: 00:00 Intro 01:04 Background 03:52 The Heist 05:36 The Search EQUIPTMENT USED:: ►SM7B ►Audient ID14 ►MacBook Pro 16 ►Hitfilm ►Logic X MUSIC: ►Intro: Scheherazade (Rimsky-Korsakov) ►Outro: Second Sun (Made By John) OTHER GREAT CHANNELS: ► ► ► ► Sources: ► ► #disaster #Documentary​​​​ #History​​​​​​​​​ #TrueStories

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