March 31, 2023
Star Wars' Future Finally Revealed: The Rumored Next Saga Begins AFTER the Sequel Trilogy

Star Wars’ Future Finally Revealed: The Rumored Next Saga Begins After the Sequel Trilogy

  • A disturbance in the force is ringing out through the galaxy.
  • The return of Bob Iger as CEO and an uncertain future for Kathleen Kennedy at Lucasfilm is a strange place for the birth of more Star Wars stories. But continue on the franchise must.
  • Now, based on reports from industry connections, @WDW_Pro is joined by @lornconner9030 and @EchoBaseNetwork for an in-depth conversation about where the next theatrical release might go.
  • And they’re aided with understanding about Disney’s situation with their theme parks, their hotels, their merchandise and Disney Plus ratings.

Get ready for a look into where Star Wars is likely to go like you’ve never seen before.

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Articles Featured:

Disney Parks Blog

Star Wars News Net


The Hollywood Reporter

0:00 Intro
1:43 A History of Accuracy
4:45 Lucasfilm Action Steps
8:58 Iger Takes Over
11:48 A Character Returns
17:10 A Financial Decision
23:13 Galaxy Pillars
24:18 The R2D2 Test
28:06 The New Fab Five
29:53 Padawan
39:40 The Fifth Character
41:30 Plans Were Changed
45:20 Final Thoughts

  • This video is based on rumor and speculation.
  • No part of this opinionated discussion should be construed as objective fact.

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