March 31, 2023
Keep Your Family Fed and Safe in a Crisis and Get $200 in Free Survival Gear

The following article is sponsored by My Patriot Supply.

Train derailments polluting the water supply, winter storms leaving millions without power, hurricanes and tornadoes destroying homes and no government help immediately coming to the rescue.

These aren’t worst-case scenarios. These are daily news stories.

Before these nightmares become your reality, you should be prepared. Every American needs to stock up on emergency food and survival gear.

This is not just a “crazy prepper” thing anymore. As we’ve seen in recent news, being prepared can make the difference between life and death in a disaster situation when the government response is delayed or even non-existent. Some of the biggest buyers of emergency food are actually soccer moms—they will not allow their children to suffer when disaster strikes.

Now, maybe you’ve been watching your expenses lately (who hasn’t?). But preparing ahead doesn’t need to break the bank.

My Patriot Supply—the nation’s largest preparedness company—has made preparing easy and affordable.

Right now, if you purchase a 3-Month Emergency Food Kit, My Patriot Supply will give you $200 worth of Survival Gear FREE.

Make no mistake: This is the kind of rugged gear you’ll need when the system falls apart, the grid goes down, or in any other situation where you have to fend for yourself.

But let’s not forget the food you get in the 3-Month Emergency Food Kit. It’s tasty! Your whole family will love it. You get breakfasts, lunches, dinners, drinks, and snacks totaling over 2,000 calories a day—just what you need to stay strong during a crisis when calories are your friend. You’ll likely need at least 2,000 calories a day, and these meals go above and beyond.

They’re easy to prepare, too. Just boil some water, pour the food into the pot, and let it cook. In a matter of minutes, your whole family will enjoy these meals.

You won’t even think it’s emergency food. It’s definitely not “bunker food.” Some people don’t even wait for a crisis—they eat it right now, every day. It’s that good.

Best of all, once you order your supply, you can rest easy because the food you get from My Patriot Supply has an impressively long shelf life.

The 3-Month Emergency Food Kit stays fresh for up to 25 years! Just “get it and forget it” until you need it. It will be there, ready to save the day. And you’ll be so glad you have it.

The 3-Month Emergency Food Kit—which stays fresh for up to 25 years—is an affordable and practical preparation kit every American needs to keep their family safe and fed before it’s too late.

Food shortages, power outages, water contamination—you name it, we’re all likely to face it. And there’s no escaping it. Your only choice is to make sure you have a good supply of long-term emergency food and clean drinking water.

Imagine the alternative. It’s unthinkable.

So don’t procrastinate. Check this off your list and sleep better at night knowing your family won’t suffer when disaster strikes.

Act now and get $200 worth of FREE Survival Gear.

Check out our website to get your 3-Month Emergency Food Kit and learn about our full product line of survival and preparedness gear.

Let My Patriot Supply help you prepare for the worst.

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