March 31, 2023
Lori Lightfoot Out As Mayor Of Chicago After Losing Re-Election Bid

  • Lori Lightfoot is officially out as Mayor of Chicago, becoming the first incumbent from the city to lose reelection in the past 40 years.
  • Lightfoot was praised for being the first openly gay and black female mayor in the city’s history.
  • The imaginary diversity brownie points did not, however, make a difference when it came to her actual performance as Mayor.
  • Police morale hit a near-all-time low and the city’s crime spiraled out of control.
  • The people of Chicago were obviously not pleased with the job that Lori Lightfoot did, therefore they have moved on.
  • Lightfoot got abysmally low numbers in the recent election, garnering only 17% of the total vote.
  • The two mayoral candidates who received more votes than Lightfoot (but not more than the required 50%+1 to win outright), Paul Vallas, and Brandon Johnson, will face off against each other in a runoff election.


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